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19 years old, he/him pronouns, pansexual, etc

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I have tons of interests. I wish I could remember them all. I'll just put them all here in a big list as I remember them. Video-gaming, reading, horror, nature, witchcraft, coding, music, bushcraft, esoteric internet lore (especially if broken down into thirty minute video essays), guerrilla gardening, normal gardening, meditating, ...


I love several kinds of music. I won't be one of those butts who says that they love ALL genres of music. Not just because such a claim is ridiculous, but also because hyperpop exists. Here's a list of genres I like Rock, punk, rap, oldies, classical, blues, funk, jazz, chiptune, vaporwave, slushwave, cowboy country, big band, Lately I've been listening to this playlist of 90's rap songs written by women. A lot of them are so sweet and cover really important topics.


I loved the first two alien movies.


I don't watch tv :b


I have a lot of books sitting on my shelf that I need to read. Finding the time to read them ISN'T hard at all. Finding the MOTIVATION is a whole other story though. Feel free to pressure me to read them! It's good for me, I swear. Among those books collecting dust on my shelf are Metro 2033, Memoirs of a Geisha, I Robot, Legends & Lattes, The Master of All Desires, and The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires.


I really like the story of Billie Holiday. During her whole career the FBI kept trying to throw her in prison because some of her songs were about the hardships of living through racial segregation. She traveled across the united states spreading messages through her music, with the feds hot on her tail. She lived a short sorrowful life, but died free.

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I'm trying to do more stuff and expand my interests, rather than sit around and scroll through the same four apps on my phone all day like I've been doing for a whole fucken year. Thanks a lot executive dysfunction.

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we are so similar its wild

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