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Lamby 's Interests


Insterests include:

  • Anime/Animated Shows
  • Art and Drawing
  • Baking and Crafts
  • Sci-Fi and Zombie Stuff

Generally, I am never a hardcore fan/stan of anything. I like a little bit of everything and tend not to gatekeep or join fandoms.


Types of Music:

Generally, I listen to any type of music, as long's as it sounds good to me and I like listening to it. I tend to gravitate towards Electric (?) Pop though. Also a lot of Vocaloid music but nowadays I don't listen to it often.

Music Artists I like

  • DADAROMA, Mejibray, Versailles, SuperSocial, Kebyo, Binz
  • Naethan Apollo, Dogbite, Free Cake For Every Creature
  • Yucky Duster, Sidney Gish, Rio Romeo, Lemon Demon
  • Ratwyfe, Queef Jerkey, No Girlfriends, Ricky Jamraz
  • Tom Cardy, Brian David Gilbert, Soupy Grabage Juice, Jazz Emu
  • There are literally so many, I listen to anything tbh.

Favorite Songs:

  • Always Changing, BUT Right nowwwww...
  • Sidney Gish, Sin Triangle.
  • Tbh there are so many I can't list 'em all :3

    Songs that get stuck in my head at least once a week:

    • Cheekface: Listen to your heart
    • She Likes A Boy: Nxdia
    • Community Gardens: The Scary Jokes ft. Louie Zong


    These are some movies I really like!:

    • Ponyo (favourite movie!!!!!)
    • Only Yesterday
    • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
    • Little Shop of Horrors
    • Our Times
    • Kamikaze Girls
    • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


    Anime (only listing currently watching:)

    • Odekake Kozame
    • Uruseii Yatsura
    • ChibiDevi
    • Dungeon Meshi
    • Cowboy Bepop

    Animated Shows and Webseries'

    • Bee & Puppycat
    • Eddsworld
    • Porkchop n' Flatscreen

    Real People Shows a.k.a live action

    • Shameless
    • Girl From Nowhere
    • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


    I like reading manga and comic books! (but don't own many of them.)



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    Lamby 's Blurbs

    About me:

    !!! There is autoplay music in the bg so turn your volume down if you don't wanna hear! !!!

    Basic Info:

    • Name: Lamby
    • Age: 16 or so
    • Time Zone: GMT+ 08.00
    • Languages I speak: English, Malay. Learning Japanese, Norsk and German, though just as a hobby.
    • Gender: Girl, probably
    • What's in my pants: Ur mom, now shut up.
    • I am sorry, I'm sure your mother is a wonderful person.

    • CSS is a work in progress! I'll add blinkies n' stuff tomorrow -proceeds 2 never do it LOL-

    Who I'd like to meet:

    Similar or Same:

    • Interests
    • Age
    • Personality

    Or if you just wanna be friends idc either :3

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    i love your profile!!! ^^

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    :0 !!! tysm!!! the css is kinda wonky rn but I'll probably fix it in 10 months or so

    by Lamby; ; Report


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    :0 haii! and lol honestly idk ;<;

    by Lamby; ; Report