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"listening to music!!!"

valery!!! 7teen, she/her pronouns, italian :3

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STARS!!! videogames (hollow knight, deltarune and undertale, omori, splatoon, yume nikki), homestuck, MUSIC!!!, stickers, gardens and bright colors, homestuck eca8cc10 dbzms3z-8ffd73a7-ee85-4d11-8019-b9888bd0b355 tumblr-inline-p6silo8-Ou21tbwrjk-500 dashcon dfcabf4f-original d9dc961-61d472c5-4971-435e-9792-94a13017b409 dd51u35-9250b0ad-bddf-4310-9c22-fec0aecf62db superstar shortcuts tumblr-pe2u2y40-J61xsk4lxo2-100 ezgif-2-8ccab2126f 0235-rainbowstar



Jack Stauber, Black Dresses, Cupcakke, videogame soundtracks (especially hollow knight and undertale/deltarune), oingo boingo, Lemon Demon, MARINA,, Seweslvt (i do not support her i just really like some of her music) Vylet Pony, Green Day, Mommy Long Legs, Radiohead. And generally anything that is rock, hard EDM and loud Music blinkies source

happy-hardcore-stamp-by-rainbowdoq-dbggkmn stauber dbwveu0-04b4dcc8-1c5d-4940-8493-02ef74040179 fe3f5b9477322c5fc3a47321463e0684203e567a never download greenday d8xs97y-0df50dbf-af56-456a-a745-047db760543c Y8GTy7B


Funny blinkies 667051wqtfa36bhw caring rawr-xd-stamp-by-xxalienat7elevenxx-df2pdlq-fullview angell d6rgqkd-8973f45c-8c20-4223-971f-5d21c4a7cf05



Rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles lmao cringe daul1a6-efd3568b-9091-42f2-a905-28786814a3e2 tumblr-pe2u2y40-J61xsk4lxo2-100 0046-leo 0047-virgo


none for now!!! tumblr-pe3ahv-HP4n1xsk4lxo1-100 9bbb3d23-original tumblr-inline-phwh7b9-JTr1w0aona-500 roll ilovenightsky fef-and-nep HAHAHAHAHAHA thjis-user-is-homestuck-trash


idk what to write here ill just dump blinkies and stickers
hylics cool-girls d3ba1hy-417bf088-f8c4-4492-aefa-af36b30201b8 d9gfkqj-471c9154-077c-4a06-abaa-b9b69ab8ab26 d3eajmy-adaf223d-6517-4d2f-9362-30aa946728ab

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About me:

Hi!!! I'm Valery!!! i'm not very active here but i really like this place!!! i'm a prospit Maid of Heart, for all the homestuckies that care lol Cute Line Smiley c8c3d685a83459979d4c318bfc0d466e6dbf9bdb I am a Whiteface Clown! Click here to take the clown quiz! d3251tt-c67d41c0-6976-4589-b7b5-987531d33120 tumblr-inline-paunuk-SEXe1v11djx-100 tumblr-inline-nnhrt9-TCH91r3bim7-500 i-love-stars 0138-greenglow tumblr-ee97c0f7c79453d8c40ddb8af82ab68c-817bc317-400 tumblr-229ee0844b078d067449511c940872f0-373abc6d-400 tumblr-60c1c539a48341d1dca60b5053a6a49a-0ec5f7dc-400 tumblr-c4f6eb9c7e97b29ab753e321d478fc7c-dd3a2868-400 eacd9413-original

d3bj07c-ff6229b4-bf76-4473-bcc0-0005c08cc1c5 caramelladansen-nepeta prospit

Who I'd like to meet:

people who like the same things i like :3
iloveglitter tumblr-inline-oitczkjwo61ucrp3u-500 c490e5cc 574c9e35 3b5b370dd7696b789d50f0cb952ab0f4d76ea278-gifv tumblr-inline-phwh7b9-JTr1w0aona-500 tumblr-inline-odnv1g1n-Ys1rp8j7t-540

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omg nepeta pfp I love nepeta so much

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I love her too!!!

by valery!!!; ; Report

aether / dirk (ˊ•͈ ◡ •͈ˋ) deviqnt

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thank you for the add!! i love your profile!!

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thank you!!! :3

by valery!!!; ; Report


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thx for the add!!!! ur taste in music is so cool

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thank you :3

by valery!!!; ; Report


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thx for da add

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ur welcome!! i like your profile :)

by valery!!!; ; Report


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thx 4 the add!! :D

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no problem!!! ur profile is so cool :D

by valery!!!; ; Report


by FL1NT!!; ; Report