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"being the silliest of them all!!"

omniromantic & ace genderfluid/flux filipino, any prns will work!

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[LIKES]: sweets, friends! (love yall), drawing, singing, writing, voice acting, violins, making lore and brainstorming with friends, greek gods.. etc etc! [KINS]: like, the whole omori main-cast (help), marisa kirisame, diamond, phosphophyllite, cinnabar, cairngorm, and the list goes on... [DISLIKES] bitter food, school, cherries, being left out, did i mention cherries?, work, loud sudden noises (or js continuous loud noises..), very repetitive stuff, etc.. [DNI LIST]: the basic dni criteria (u already know what it is!), irl gore enjoyers (ewww!), proshippers, homophobes, racists, overly sexualizing, people who are proud of being problematic (esp 'master manipulators' and self-proclaimed 'narcissists'..) etc.. etc...


laufey, mitski, will wood, tv girl, azali, m2u, classical music, bossa nova, jazz, omori ost, opm, love songs omg, sped up music maybe, la la land ost, red velvet, ben&ben, and more!! i listen to any kinds of music as long as they arent super duper loud or very harsh.. or just really scary idk :sob:


la la land, interstellar, your name, barbie movies, musicals, itsv/atsv, etc etc!!


i dont... really watch television...? (my brain hurts.)


houseki no kuni, percy jackson, heroes of olympus, comics, visual novels, fan-novels, fanfic... perchance..., etc etc


errmmm.. yes! (huh..)

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kirby bounce :3 name: ryu, geno, etc.. | 14-16 | infp-t | singer, songwriter(ish), artist, musician, author, voice actor and more!

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your mom (RAHAHAH), my online friends (soon mayb idk..)

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