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I enjoy drawing, writing, reading… not really the typical things though lmao. With drawing it’s normally characters from series’ that I enjoy, or like fandoms and what not. With the writing and reading.. oh boy. Yes, it’s ao3 and wattpad but c’mon we’ve all been on there atleast once, right? (No, no Kmart not everybody is as delusional as you are I’m afraid!).


OH MY GOD. OK, so I have quite the music range…but my usual is Rebzyyx, 6arelyhuman, robzombie, Nirvana, sublime (those last two sometimes, I like songs that scream at me more..), then throw in some Artic monkeys along with Ed Sheeran and what not, anddd you’ve pretty much got what I listen to on a daily basis. (I literally can NOT live without the song XOXOKissesHugs 🙀💕)


I dont Watch Movies alot, since I’m just scrolling on Insta/TikTok/Snap most of the time… but one movie I like is probably a quiet place or birdbox. Really any horror film. OH and the movie smile, I think that’s what it’s called. The part where the main character’s sister bent her neck sideways scared the f out of me!! 😿😹


I’m currently binging the hell out of the series “Jane The Virgin” that took place in like 2015/2016… AAAAAAAAA!!! I literally am in LOVE with it and It’s starting to take over my daily life (joking… kinda LOL). 😹😹


Again, I don’t really read books in particular… I DO read fan made things like… yk.. wattpad and ao3 because I (and many others) have problems. I do want to start reading though! ✌️


Pretty sure this one means like who I look up to so ima js do that, mkay? Sooo one person I look up to is myself obviii- AND I look up to my besties (not saying their names DUH).

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About me:

HIII!! I’m Avery, more commonly known as Kmart. I’m 14 (despite the fact I’m not exactly the same height as a 14 year old, my friends never leave me alone abt it smh), and uhhmmm yeah. Not a lot else to say here!! ;3

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I’d like to meet other ppl with the same interests as me! Basically fnaf, undertale, uhh… yk all that stuff (more stuff listed in interests). OH and people who are around my age (12-15).

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