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"Happy to the point of stupidity "

32/f/author/songwriter/bi/ married

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Songwriting, writing, photography, makeing music videos, playing guitar, art, tattoos, piercing, body mods, penpaling and reading, astronomy, stargazing, learning languages, collecting vinyl records, collecting CDs, collecting books, letter writing. D6037863-298-F-4914-82-A6-9787753-EFD92 E2-ED6-F77-7-B24-4-EF5-912-E-F915487324-B1 05-F83-E47-9-CE3-43-F2-9442-4-C7-D3228-E9-D2 065-F2-EB1-E5-B0-459-B-9-DC5-DCEE4-BFEB130 E68-D24-F0-0-C10-4-DBA-8159-EB8-A87104-F0-B


Insane Clown Posse ,twiztid, oujia Mac, black eyed Kottonmouth Kings Oxsee cotton tail Astral twins, Peaches, Pitbull, Leo, Marilyn Manson, sky, Mansford Earth band, Alarm, big country,Jeniferever, imagine dragons, bts, Tibetan music ,world music, Limp Bizkit, bloodhound gang, Wolfpac, Darude, MC Mario, EastEnders.


Moxie, to the bone, Miss sunshine, dumpling, horror, foreign language, comedy


Netflix or Chinese dramas.


Let me tell you this and let me tell you this straight I have a Lotta books in my room I read too much I go to the library way too often and I even have books in my bed and in case I sleep so I I think I’ll read anything and everything that isn’t smutty, And I mean everything but erotica. ED42-DCBC-BC30-4865-93-E1-3-BB19-FE8-E4-C2 07-F071-D6-D959-4491-B5-CC-305-CB63-CF96-C AC8-F0-E4-A-C256-4-BF0-B712-352685-C6-E478 6-CDF41-A6-C2-D8-4-EFD-B132-96-A8-BDFA033-C 882-FCE70-701-B-4-FDC-AC4-D-961-ADCE8475-D E65874-A5-569-E-418-F-A1-DF-1-FAD4922-E761


Romeo dallaire Bruce Lee My mom My friends And Lisa scottoline And Steven king 9-D60-BDB7-1-A8-B-4-A1-E-9413-5-A3-A8728-B9-CA 657-BC9-EF-9-E62-4-E9-D-9081-A74-F0-ADCB461 4-ADA79-AC-DFFF-45-A4-877-E-0684-B254345-B DDF2132-C-F92-F-4246-901-E-80287-C02-BC71

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About me:

Musician and author, song writer, artist photographer, piercer, tattoo designer, I am here to promote my music and music videos. PTSD warrior, vinyl records fanatic, Asperger’s girl, punk goth, penpal addicted. Enjoys life. I am married to a wonderful but simple man who is traditional yakuza. I am also in an open relationship with one of his friend from him approving. I do digital paintings and photomanipulation. I also sing and song write and DJ and guitar. I am also down with the clown. 3 ear lobes, 9 facial piercings, 7 ear piercings going on nine. Planning on getting tattoos. Works very odd jobs to support tattoos habit and hair dye. #endasianhate. FA535159-28-E3-44-A6-ADC6-67464-D03-FDCD music sound cloud | music reverb nation | Instagram | Twitter | facebook | fansmine | my love poems | wattpad | onlyFans | goth punk emo πŸ–€ |


  • icp
  • Twizitid
  • Gorillas
  • Japanese oldies
  • Limp bizkit
  • hollywood undead
  • Alien sex fiend
  • Spice girls
  • Bts
  • Marylin manson


Been To

  • Susan aglukark
  • Diet
  • Spice girls
  • Celtic fest
  • Folk festival
  • G-unit
  • Tiesto

Want To Go To

  • Kottonmouth kings
  • Zugz island
  • Dollgurl
  • Icp
  • twizitid
  • Limp biz kit
  • Pitbull




  • Imvu
  • league of angels
  • Lord of the rings
  • Anything about history
  • Silkroad online
  • club chose
  • Twinity
  • Nintendo Switch

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    • Sims


    • Samurai warriors series
    • the way of the samurai 1+ 2
    • Seven samurai
    • Terkel
    • Street fighter
    • Yakuza
    • Royal chaos



    • a family ( Netflix j
    • Dr.g: medical examiner
    • Disenchanted
    • Tutestein
    • Horror
    • Midnight gospel
    • Japanese anime in Japanese


      • Samurai films
      • dumbling
      • Chinese historical drama
      • Anime
      • ghibili anime
      • saw franchise
      • Sharknado


    • Chain of fool
    • yakuza literature
    • Lesbian romance
    • tipping the velvet
    • Worlds most dangerous places
    • Romeo dallaire’s shake hands with the devil
    • Stephen king


    • Languages
    • Writing
    • Art, body art,
    • Human rights
    • Halloween
    • Astronomy


    • Not all yakuza are evil
    • PTSD and DID group
    • Vampirefreaks
    • Ghosts + cryptids
    • Japanese retro hits
    • HU army
    • Robert young pelton bookclub

    Who I'd like to meet:

    Fellow musicians and artists and creative people. New friends people with PTSD and Asperger’s. Porn bots and scammers beware I’m around and I don’t like you. My albums uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1625749937134-source-other-origin-gallery-sources 42-E8-AAA8-49-A2-4657-9-B2-D-382-D8-FF0-B984 08-A354-F1-6677-4-A27-8400-5471-E3-DFA24-C parent-photo-id-364704347035203-uid-7-A959-AE5-9-C0-E-4-C5-E-97-F2-7-C5887-E4-D394-1627028046700-sou Art: B779-E091-F23-C-416-D-AAA7-CBE87-C1-BE8-E0 3-D962498-B925-4943-8-B35-80-B0-B86-B4272 1-FC8514-B-2-C56-438-C-B334-3-D0-D6317-CB40 922-B8-A33-B4-E5-44-BC-9296-90-F5-C5-ACBE97 ED6-A784-E-38-FE-4268-97-D2-CBC2-B2286-A3-E E1715-C5-D-F9-E5-48-D1-859-B-4034099-F76-B3 B8-EDBF18-3-E41-4631-9687-1320-A19014-E2 E1-BB202-A-954-F-4-CE1-96-DC-0-E7817-FA906-E 63-CD2-EF1-1-B9-D-4-B3-D-8-B0-D-9381-E0-F14-D06

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    Akia Matsumoto

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    Kitten it was so fun to be with you. See you tomorrow πŸ’‹πŸ’‹οΈβ€

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    🎭 𝕂ℕ𝕆𝕋ℍ𝔼𝔸𝔻 🎭

    🎭 𝕂ℕ𝕆𝕋ℍ𝔼𝔸𝔻 🎭's profile picture


    Thanks for linking in with me!

    Please consider checking out some of the stuff on my page!

    How's things with you today?

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    Akia Matsumoto

    Akia Matsumoto 's profile picture

    Hey sweet kitten thank you for the lovely and I enjoyed our talk on IMVU I hope we can be more than just three Friends I hope we can be lovers as well you are very beautiful on the outside as well as the inside.
    ~πŸ’‹ akia

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    Wacky Alex

    Wacky Alex's profile picture

    Thanks for the add!

    Try my radio channel.

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    Jiru Mitsubishi

    Jiru Mitsubishi 's profile picture

    Hey my love how are you doing my kitten
    Your loving oyabun

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    My loving sweet husband I am glad to hear from you
    Sweet kitten

    by Kitten; ; Report

    Alexis D.

    Alexis D.'s profile picture

    Hello kit, I am very happy to be your friend and I hope to be more than your friend thank you for believing in what I had to say. It’s not every day someone believes what I want through

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    It’s OK I believe you and thank you for the nice comment your pink hair to

    by Kitten; ; Report

    Alexis D.

    Alexis D.'s profile picture

    Hello kit, I am very happy to be your friend and I hope to be more than your friend thank you for believing in what I had to say. It’s not every day someone believes what I want through

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    Jiru Mitsubishi

    Jiru Mitsubishi 's profile picture

    Kitten you look beautiful with pink

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    Thank you my love

    by Kitten; ; Report


    l3pr0sy's profile picture

    THXX 4 4DD1NG M3!!!1! x3

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    Martrodamus Simoreflect

    Martrodamus Simoreflect's profile picture

    Hey! Nice to meet you ^^

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    Ras Bolding

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    Hey in here. ;)

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    sarah β™‘

    sarah β™‘'s profile picture

    ty for adding love!

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