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"haii!! text me, i dont bite ;3"

i dont even exist

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 music, horror movies, insects, fashion, books, criminal cases, frogs & rats, art in general, video games, early 2000s bands, scene culture, emo stuff.

 https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/s5C9GfMySgAGmgg-UIRdL1bFjEvkMvogizoMzXTJuZgc=/https://pixels.crd.co/assets/images/gallery119/277e09ff.gif?v=1987e5e0 https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/sElcIddoSwNBcqp2O5VoHgg6YqkrPZGbZYP7M9JeWVuk=/https://pixels.crd.co/assets/images/gallery150/edba9904.gif?v=1987e5e0 https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/swHS1bFsksbkhWTTS0HT8F3HT-RQUzo4ghqXfqrNam7E=/https://pixels.crd.co/assets/images/gallery131/683a8d1b.gif?v=1987e5e0https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/sBVqBeItY-2TeZmxBgat5chPS-1HvrvVdoaM5TGaKeco=/https://pixels.crd.co/assets/images/gallery131/ab5eac28.gif?v=1987e5e0 https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/sZ0mqMCI1ac_ESKw3piklfiGXFatb1ypVG8dA_9GurJs=/https://pixels.crd.co/assets/images/gallery129/9c697e6e.gif?v=1987e5e0 https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/s-d-t_onEduk15MOw3y8-4-TCQ8nL-t2G3vfHbyTeMX8=/https://pixels.crd.co/assets/images/gallery144/be63548a.gif?v=1987e5e0 https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/sGWi19He4YttmNT7uQ6tHqA3BTxqrtPB8RznANnwg5Hc=/https://pixels.crd.co/assets/images/gallery32/08818d03.gif?v=1987e5e0


 every genre of music is awesome and makes me dance!! xD

my fav bands are my chemical romance, paramore, the used, alesana, from first to last, flyleaf, pierce the veil and p!atd (pre-split specifically) but i also listen to a lot of other bands!! so feel free to call me if u like to talk abt music ;3


 scream, donnie darko, the addams family, and all works by Tim Burton.


https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/sAwK5p4KG-Mi7Uoy3nDqLum2d6crgIzsw1myO-VmUKHc=/https://pixels.crd.co/assets/images/gallery147/84b5ba5c.gif?v=1987e5e0 american horror story, the walking dead, supernatural, danganronpa, nana, puella magi madoka magica, adventure time https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/sAwK5p4KG-Mi7Uoy3nDqLum2d6crgIzsw1myO-VmUKHc=/https://pixels.crd.co/assets/images/gallery147/84b5ba5c.gif?v=1987e5e0


 Dracula, Rebecca and Invisible Monsters.


https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/sAwK5p4KG-Mi7Uoy3nDqLum2d6crgIzsw1myO-VmUKHc=/https://pixels.crd.co/assets/images/gallery147/84b5ba5c.gif?v=1987e5e0 save me gerard way, save me.

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About me:

★ angie !! >_< (ryan ross gf) 🐁

★ she/they !! eng/pt • Brasil.

★ love being silly :3

★ im a 18y teenage girl!

★ dont ❌ like people who are mean with bugs!! >:(

haii, im angie!! i really like to study curiosities abt animals and i love bugs! my favorite is the hercules beetle (hes the coolest!!)

i also love music and i could spend hours talking about the lore of my favorite albums.

sometimes i can talk too much or just talk a little, it depends of my battery social and my mood, but in overall i love having someone i can have a nice chat with!! ^__^https://external-media.spacehey.net/media/sMviMQc_jtS250JGQLeVwP18qegsZp7jB5AXHWPcrcGY=/https://media.tenor.com/Mwzug9zxYh0AAAAi/nyan-cat-every-nyan.gif

Who I'd like to meet:

i wanna meet and become friends with people who r cool and also liked music 🎶

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Divine Intervention

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ur page is too cool, ty 4 accepting! paramore rocksss

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sage :3

sage :3's profile picture

ur layout is sooo CUTE!!!! i love love love it !!!

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aww thx swtie! :3 i also loved ur pink starry layout, is so cutie!! ໒꒰ྀིᵔ ᵕ ᵔ ꒱ྀི১

by ( ꩜ ᯅ ꩜;) ANGIE !¡ 🦴🧟‍♀️; ; Report


ROGGLEE's profile picture


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HAUNZNAMB THANKS ??? i loved ur p!atd stan profile srsly!!! 💗

by ( ꩜ ᯅ ꩜;) ANGIE !¡ 🦴🧟‍♀️; ; Report

THANK U!!! <33

by ROGGLEE; ; Report


//CELPHINE'S's profile picture

Ty for accepting!! You have good taste in music and ur layout is pretty!

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ur welcome sweetie <3 and thx!! i loved ur profile btw :3

by ( ꩜ ᯅ ꩜;) ANGIE !¡ 🦴🧟‍♀️; ; Report


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THX SWEETIE!! (,,>﹏<,,) <3

by ( ꩜ ᯅ ꩜;) ANGIE !¡ 🦴🧟‍♀️; ; Report


Alicia's profile picture

Ty for accepting!! also I love ur layout sm 🫶

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thanks!! i rlly loved ur profile its the coolest <3

by ( ꩜ ᯅ ꩜;) ANGIE !¡ 🦴🧟‍♀️; ; Report