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the web revival! - writing poetry - hiking trailz - reading books - watching movies - practicing neopaganism (sometimes) Stuck In 2005


FALLING IN REVERSE - THREE DAYS GRACE - PARAMORE - fall out boy - maude latour - mothica - sufjan stevens - papa roach - my chemical romance - snow patrol - bring me the horizon - bauhaus


SAW SERIES <3 - everything everywhere all at once - scott pilgrim vs the world - dead poets society - coraline - edward scissorhands - fantastic mr fox - lady bird - american psycho


MOB PSYCHO 100 - supernatural - aggretsuko - invader zim - avatar the last airbender - chainsaw man


Twilight <3 but mostly nonfiction about nature, religion, politics, and science. i'd love recommendations from any of those genres or others! I Love Reading


myself tumblr-n1n1ufw-LIt1tu8a0wo1-1280 ad2be082d093b28a520e0f86d943c79c tumblr-91714a7dc8a5f37751f7dc15cae3d2cf-b17dd8dd-1280 tumblr-47d6fc4faefff84fec2a3b10ba568d40-d62fb651-1280 tumblr-f66d677060863b9e055a71467a057d20-0390e554-500 gir witch project

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About me:

i'm kip! a little about me is that i'm something along the lines of an atheopagan and my current passion project is finding ways to unplug and engage more healthily with the internet (thus why i'm here). i'm now learning that mostly what i'm looking for is called the web revival. feel free to message me, i only bite sometimes! :3


"I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other."

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Who I'd like to meet:

**i will not accept friend requests from people with no age listed on their profile (a range or 'over 18' is fine)**

i'm looking for friends with cool interests (which seems to be most of y'all) :]

i'm trying to be more picky with who i accept FRQs from, so i may not accept yours, but there are no hard feelings!!!


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Ian's profile picture

Your page makes me very happy. Great links to web revival info. A fantastic rabbit hole! Enjoy your day ^_^

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dude thank you so much!! i like your profile as well, you seem like a really interesting person and i'd love to get to know you more, if that's not too weird to say!! :3

by kip; ; Report

Not at all dude, shoot me a DM! I'd love to talk about Web revival and other projects. It inspires me hella. Let's make something!

by Ian; ; Report

suddenly, kittens!

suddenly, kittens!'s profile picture

hiya kipp! thx for the add :3 nice to meet you!

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粘膜ゴースト (GHOST)

粘膜ゴースト (GHOST)'s profile picture

Thanks for the add, your page is so pretty : )
What color is it? I'm colorblind so I only know its either blue, gray, or white haha.

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i think it's like a really light blue!! XD and thank you!!

by kip; ; Report


Brandon's profile picture

Thanks for the add!

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of course!! :]

by kip; ; Report

5ativa vampir3

5ativa vampir3's profile picture

u got gr8 taste in video gamez !!!!
what does atheistic paganism entail? i’ve never heard of the concept before :0

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omg thank u ^~^ tbh im still figuring it out but for me it's basically like, i believe that nature is sacred and i'd say im an animist, but i don't believe in a god or like an overarching creator(s) :] it's kinda complicated and might not make sense to other people but that's okay, you know??

by kip; ; Report

animism and veneration of nature are the cornerstones of wicca. i think the entire idea of being a pagan is lack of belief in a single ‘overarching’ omnipotent god. i’m not sure that matches the definition for atheism; it seems like a very christian perspective on animism/polytheism.

by 5ativa vampir3; ; Report

just a clarification- i'm definitely not wiccan. a more proper wording might be secular pagan, i've seen that used more widely in literature. i believe everything is sacred because we all exist here in this universe together and depend on each other to survive, and no one thing is a "god" in that it's above anything else; i don't think sentient force(s) created everything or rules over everything. i can see how the preference for atheist over secular might be a product of cultural christianity though- I grew up baptist so maybe that's why it feels like a more familiar descriptor to me. something to think about. the definitions i go off of mostly come from Drawing Down The Moon by Margot Adler. :] but like everyone, i'm still learning and forming my own beliefs/opinions as i go. thanks for the comment.

by kip; ; Report

thanks for the insight, very provocative !! have a nice day :3

by 5ativa vampir3; ; Report

SWH (Punk Jesus)

SWH (Punk Jesus)'s profile picture

Thank you for the add. Have a great time on here.

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thanks man! your profile is so sick.

by kip; ; Report

Thank you kindly. Yours is awesome too. I like the 386 monochrome design. :D

by SWH (Punk Jesus); ; Report


Toastie's profile picture

hiiii thanks for adding me!! ^^ ~ <333

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my pleasure, your profile is so cool ! :)

by kip; ; Report

awwwwh thank you so much :D

by Toastie; ; Report