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"tryin 2 get scool wrk done"

18 M from England, who's lost the plot :(

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I have ASD, OCD and mental health issues.
I'm looking for friends to play games and make art.
Yosser was the original.


I listen to music on Bandcamp.
What I like to listen to...
• Electronic
• Jazz
• Breakcore
• Vocaloid
Who I like to listen to...
•Rory in early 20s
•David Bowie
•Jack Stauber
•Lauren Bousfield


•The Machinist
•The Aviator
•Shadow of a Vampire
•A Knight's Tale
•Macbeth (1971)
•American Pyscho
•Scream trilogy
•Joker (2019)
•The Batman (2022)
•Perfect Blue
•The Truman Show


Always Sunny is something i regularly rewatch. I enjoy watching Air Crash Investigation! I like to watch 90s-2000s anime [or even earlier].


• The beast in the shadows
• The putrescent vein
• The lonely castle in the mirror
• A history of delusions
• Cold enough for snow
• The last children of Tokyo
• No longer human
• The setting sun
• The memory police
• The secret history
• Tokyo ghoul + Re
• Vermis 1 + 2
• I like Junji Ito's books


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About me:

My favourite plane is the Mcdonnell Douglas DC-9 and its successors.
I like Old English Sheep Dogs and German Shepherds.
I have very sensitive eyes, so i don't like bright profiles.
[pls don't friend if you have a very bright or cluttered profile, it hurts my eyes and gives me migraines!]

Who I'd like to meet:

I like these video games...
• Morrowind
• Bioshock
• Dark Souls series
• Elden Ring
• Fable 2
• Castlevania : symphony of the night

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castlevania is soo fun, i bought a collection on my switch, but they've been so hardd :'(

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Greetings and Good tidings.

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Zach Attack!

Zach Attack!'s profile picture

Morrowind and Bioshock absolute fire taste in games

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Thx, my G glad u think so too

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report

Mulch Lover

Mulch Lover's profile picture

Satoshi Kon movies mentioned !!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

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IKR, i will forever be annoyed at Dreaming Machine's fate :( - his films are just in a world of their own (surrealism 4 the win)

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report

It's a damn shame he couldn't continue directing.
But since you like Satoshi Kon you should check out Masaaki Yuasa's stuff, 'Mind Game' in particular is a v/good

by Mulch Lover; ; Report

thx, will do!

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report


TwinkleToes's profile picture

Tysm for the friend request , i rlly like yur layout as well!

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Ah thx np, I love American Pyscho n Christian Bale. I really liked his performance in The Machinist!

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report

His performance was interesting , Its cool that how Bale changes his appearance on each movie

by TwinkleToes; ; Report


pickles🌈's profile picture

yoo thank you for the add ^_^ you have really good taste in music & film !

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i noticed you also liked video games and i wonder if you've got any good recs?
i'm trying to get into more fps and horror games etc [i've generally stuck to fantasy in the past]

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report

ooh geez, im bad at giving recs since i typically play fantasy too. errr, in the fps genre, i'd say half-life, tf2 and l4d2 (all valve games lol) are pretty good? i've heard far-cry is pretty good too, same will call of duty.
horror wise, it really depends on what type of horror. i really liked welcome to the game & resident evil personally. you might also like dead by dead by daylight, possibly?
red dead redemption isnt really horror or fps at all(unless you want it to be, but i usually play in 3rd person) but its a really good game with a good story, if you're interested in like, cowboy stuff!

by pickles🌈; ; Report

thx i'll do some research from the list :]

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report

hope you find something you like!!

by pickles🌈; ; Report

Quinny (Bela lugosis version)

Quinny (Bela lugosis vers...'s profile picture

!!alucard mentioned!!

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he is one of the most stylish characters i can think of, and i like his lore.
looking forward to nocturne season 2, i enjoy the og video games as well.

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report

I don’t have anything to play the gamez on :( luv the show tho :3

by Quinny (Bela lugosis version); ; Report

Usual Egg

Usual Egg's profile picture

Always nice to meet another sunny fan. Thanks for the add

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no problem, Frank's egg shenanigans are one of the bits that make me laugh the most.
"egg!" "would you like a nice egg in these trying times?" etc

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report


Kuhmilch's profile picture

omg i shouldve added bowie to my heroes section! so obvious in hindsight ^^''

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A fellow Bowie enthusiast, His discography is ever present in my life. When I grow and change, a different album of his appeals.

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report


SNAGGZ's profile picture

very cool profile, which movie adaptation of macbeth is the one in your interests?

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roman polanski's version, i like to watch it on dvd.

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report


✨🔪Rhett🔪✨'s profile picture


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my favourite book of his is The Setting Sun.

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report


Guy 's profile picture

alucard fucking rocks

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he is a very elegant dhampir.

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report


?????!!???!??!?'s profile picture


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it has such beautiful architecture.

by Kiirsemaar; ; Report