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"ia till i have motivation :,)"

#1 twin fantasy enjoyer, likes video games a normal amount. 17

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video games, music, dolls, art, fashion, shoujo manga, jpop, odd early 2000s things in general, old consoles and homebrew, collecting various things, **learning** guitar


car seat headrest!!!! kero kero bonito perfume sheena ringo loona red velvet mitski my bloody valentine radiohead deftones heavenly the cardigans no doubt the cure talking heads vgm vocaloid lots of jpop and whatever other random obscure stuff i can find


perfect blue, scott pilgrim, linda linda linda, totoro, kikis delivery service, but im a cheerleader, the nightmare before christmas, coraline, kamikaze girls, juno, superbad (i like micheal cera)


cardcaptor sakura, bocchi the rock, lucky star, flcl, currently watching jjba part 3 with a friend but im still not over part 2 so im also rewatching that... Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural


currently reading the bell jar + random manga (yokohama kaidashi kikou is my fave atm, yotsuba&! is my all time fave)


persona, yakuza, ace attorney, animal crossing, katamari, sonic, project diva, muse dash, portal, pokemon, splatoon, digimon, the entire dreamcast catalog, rpgs and rhythm games Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural


garfield, miku, will toledo

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About me:

hi!! my names julia (or kero online) and welcome to my page! ive been wanting to make something like a website for a while, and spacehey seems like a good place to do it. ive been active on tumblr for a long time, but i really wanted something that i could make my own, besides just editing a theme with html. so here i am! im not sure how active i can/will be but ill try. id like to just be able to talk about my interests and things on my mind, and maybe meet people who like the same things i do!! thats about it :p thanks for reading!

**this page is best viewed on a pc!!**

Who I'd like to meet:

(who id like to meet...)
cool people! anyone who likes the things i do :) i love talking about games especially and homebrewing as well!! i also love talking about music and learning about new artists. really i just love talking to people who actually understand what im talking about and like it too :P
also heres my friend code for any switch players!! im always looking for new friends :)

song of the week ceremony, new order

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XJ Luna

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thanks for the add!

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LEOnel ★

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ty for the add!!! u seem super cool n we share so many interests :D

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thank u :D u seem super cool as well, i love your blog on 3ds homebrew!!

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