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"doin ur mom !!"

Dei/Deimos, He/It/Mew

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Mostly into: Madness combat, Tankmen, Cookie run, FNF, Evangelion, Cookie run, Danganronpa, MOTHER, JJBA, Sanrio, FLFC, Giggle Corp Aesthetics wise (?): scenecore, kidcore, clowncore, furbycore, weridcore animecore, webcore and internetcore !!


Hyperpop, Indie, Any soundtrack from my interests (especially madcom) 70's - 90's rock and pop, Animecore, Punk and anything on my 42+ hour playlist xP


None rn !! xp but I do like pretty in pink




besties :smug: https://spacehey.com/shinji_ikari https://spacehey.com/asukalangleysoryu https://spacehey.com/rei_ayanami

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About me:

I'm Madeleine or Deimos idm either ;] Minor, Trans male Unlabaled, He/It/Mew, British-American, Dyslexic, Taken by my partner Wicked, I used to be on myspace as well (VERY OLD ACCOUNT PLEASE DONT SEARCH FOR IT !) My carrd: https://5-th-child.carrd.co/ Note: I can get very VERY hyper and exited easily so please excuse me if i act clingy !!

Who I'd like to meet:

Shinji Ikari /j Basically anyone with my interests !!!!!!! also add my disc its: squigger#7807 (when i have nitro) squigger#3389 when i dont

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hank.wimbleton's profile picture

youre epic, thankz 4 addin me dei /g

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Yw !!! :3 Thank u dude u seem pretty cool urself ;]

by Kaworu Nagisa; ; Report


algae's profile picture

thanks 4 the add X3 you seem totally rad!

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Yw !!! :3

by Kaworu Nagisa; ; Report


TriKurrDurr's profile picture

thx 4 da add!! u seem v kewl!! X3

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Yw !!! :3

by Kaworu Nagisa; ; Report


melomemo's profile picture

tysm for the add! Also I'm glad you like the layout I made! ^^

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Yw !!! :3 how could I refuse to use a pogger layout

by Kaworu Nagisa; ; Report


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thx 4 the add ^u^

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Yw !! :3

by Kaworu Nagisa; ; Report

Shinji Ikari

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Thanks Crow, ur a fag as well

by Kaworu Nagisa; ; Report

bestie vibes only!

by Shinji Ikari; ; Report


by Kaworu Nagisa; ; Report