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Wearing wife beaters while being an ass eater

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Idk anything that’s iconic or underrated, or both.


I like tyler, the creator, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, MF DOOM, N.E.R.D, Nujabes, and I also love love LOVEEE Thugs-n-Harmony they’re so cool, and other songs like “Everybody left” by puzzles (but that’s only sometimes), I also really like the Cortex, the songs they make are fantastic! Like Huit Octobre 1971, which MF DOOM samples on “one beer”. i LOVEEEE the pina colada song (the one that goes like “if you like pina coladas, get caught in the rain” I mean you would’ve already known it’s in the name and stuff but anyways), it’s my second favorite song (currently, idk if it’ll change, probably) with it being right behind Nases beautiful “The World Is Yours”, I also really love Pharrell Williams, his music is so fun to listen to especially with “Frontin’” which is also on my top 5 definitely listen to it! I also really REALLY enjoy “She Wants To Move” which was released by the band N.E.R.D, it is such a wonder to listen to, if it was playing in a party you’d know you were gonna pass out from all the underage drinking, then wake up only to pass out AGAIN just because the music is that good! and a third time because cmon its pharrel williams. I really have a unique taste in music and that’s about it, idk what else to say really. ig lick my pubes because thats the only reason your alive you ape shit loser.


Attack the block, La Haine, little miss sunshine, Toy Story 1, 2 and 3, Fallen Angel (*SPOILERS!! DONT READ THIS IF YOU ARE GONNA WATCH IT*: should’ve totally ended with Wong Chi-Ming dying, but we wouldn’t have that iconic ending scene.), Scott pilgrim Vs. The World, harakiri (although I never found English subtitles of the movie), everything everywhere all at once, NOPE, Blade, Django: Unchained, and The Lego Movie. That’s about it, Thanks.


Clarence, smiling friends, adventure time, TAWOG, Steven Universe (season 1 only tho becuase that season made me shit my pants. started the arc for my enjoyment to horror stuff), FLCL (it’s more of an anime but they used to show it on tv so idc), Azumanga Daioh, Detective Conan, and other stuff idfk.


books are lame, when you go to a restaurant would you rather have A. a menu with pictures, or B. a menu with no pictures? of course your lazy ass would pick A you went to eat not play eenie meenie miny moe with the fucking menu! books are ass and im only saying that because i have a low attention span.


The Black Bomber, racist white man has to say "BLACK BOMB" to turn into a black man, dude has to be the most CRAZIEST superhero ive ever seen. also hes racist, idk why hed enjoy that superpower it just sounds like a nightmare if i was racist

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About me:

welcome to my profile, idk which tumor in your brain convinced you to click on it but what's up? FRESHLY TURNED 15 BICHES!!!!! I love brown, pink, and blue. I like being funny and just talking to people and really like being interactive and extroverted although I completely suck ass at everything ive listed. I like going to the bathroom because I feel 5 times skinnier afterwards, I like skating, basketball, and s3x (intercourse is a sport. if you disagree lick my hairy nuts see how much i care), I prefer frozen yogurt over ice cream because it makes me feel full instead of having to eat a whole meal but ill always eat a skinny biches insides bc itll prolly taste like a mc chick and some french fries but probably never OAT MEAL. Anyways that’s about all im telling you because you cant handle how cool as fukk the rest are, thanks.

Who I'd like to meet:

Literally anyone thats not a lame ass loser, if your fun to talk to I’d definitely hit you up. and chubby women too, i love chubby women.

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