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I was going to write something but it felt like a roblox bio

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Video games I like!: Roblox, Minecraft, Resident Evil, Sally face, The sims, DBD, fran bow, etc! Make sure to read my blog for more info!


Some artists and bands I like are The Cure, Gorillaz, Lady gaga 💪, Wham, Genitorturers, Depache mode, Elita, Melanie Martinez, Moichat Doma, Flyleaf, BUCK-TICK, Evanescence, 6arelyhuman, Beetlejuice soundtrack 🤩, etc :)


Scream, Monster High, The dark knight, the killing joke, Harry Potter 🤩, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, BeetleJuice, Spiderman movies 💪, etc


Monster High again, The owl house, Shameless, Loki, Wandavision, Stranger Things, Rick And Morty, southpark, Beetlejuice again, etc 👍


I dont read 💀 I like Stephen King tho


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About me:

My name is Kalem and i'm 1700 lolzz

Who I'd like to meet:

msg me if u want my discord, it’s easier to know that way

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i luuuv yr profile !! i just wanna eat it xD

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by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report


LeonnaЯdo's profile picture

Your profile is so cool, I felt like I was in a vampire cave

Thanks for adding back

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TYSMM OMG, BEST compliment ever 🫶

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report


Lunalliz's profile picture

gorillaz AND vampires AND kieran pfp so real

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TYYY 🙏‼️

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report

ley 🦭

ley 🦭's profile picture

thx for the add!!! love the gifs :)

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Ofc! X) You seemed cool :) Tyy!

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report

ley 🦭

ley 🦭's profile picture

thx for the add!!! love the gifs :)

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Pyro's profile picture

Thx of adding me! Love the vampire vibes

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Ofc! Thank you for accepting :D Tysm 🙏🙏

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

I like your profile!

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Tysm! I like yours too :)

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report


Charlie!'s profile picture

I really like your layout! Your stamps are so cute fr

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Thank you so much! I like your profile as well

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report

VLAD 𓆩♱𓆪

VLAD 𓆩♱𓆪's profile picture

I LOVE UR PROFILE SM ️ i love Ur music taste sm 🙏🙏

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TYSM!! I LOVE UR PROFILE AND MUSIC TASTE TOO FRFR 🙏🙏 I also rlly like your taste in movies and shows!

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report


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Love your profile!!!! ^^

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THANK YOU SM! I Luv yours as well!! <3

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report


☆༉'s profile picture

i got no time!! i got no time to live!!11 >_< (AWESOME LAYOUT BTW!!)

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I got no time to live and I can’t say goodbyee!! 33 (TYSMM! I RLLY LIKE URS TOO X) )

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report

🌾|| Ranger Chris

🌾|| Ranger Chris's profile picture

Your account is cool :))

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Tysm!! I think urs is cool too :)

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report

You're welcome and thanks!

by 🌾|| Ranger Chris; ; Report

Of course! :D

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report


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ur acc is so kool i luv it :33

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Thank you sm!! :D I like ur profile too <3

by ♱° Kalem `♱; ; Report