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"putting red lightbulbs in all my lamps"

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~things i like~


garage sales

stuffed animals

hatsune miku

nice pens

rupaul's drag race

trumpet focused jazz


who is the you who i sing to when the house is empty?


walter wanderley - rain forest

van halen - van halen

grimes - artangels

caroline polachek - pang

dorian electra - flamboyant

pogo - weightless

marina & the diamonds - family jewels

queen - a night at the opera

muse - black holes and revelations

all sonic music!!

chromeo - white women

everything by abba

starcadian - sunset blood

lady gaga - artpop


**movies i like**

hairspray the musical

pee-wee's big adventure


the blair witch project



cats don't dance

sweeney todd

it follows


**fav video games**

horizon zero dawn

donkey kong country


all sonic games


hyrule warriors

dead cells

animal crossing



pokemon ruby/sapphire


my queen pate

**tv shows**

YU GI OH !!!!!!!


code geass


flight of the conchords

death note

old reality tv - i love new york, flavor of love, i love money

brooklyn 99



it by stephen king

the girl with all the gifts by mr carey

nothing to see here by kevin wilson

gideon the ninth by tamsyn muir

one flew over the cuckoo's nest by ken kesey


i take pictures sometimes

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hi i am a gemini and i have a tattoo of seto kaiba!!!

welcome to my home!!

stay a while...... do some sweeping.....

then relax....... in the spa!!!

do not add me or interact with me if u are republican, are “anti-mask” or anti-choice, don’t support black lives matter or have ever unironically uttered the phrase “all l!ves matter,” for some reason don’t identify as 100% anti-fascist, are a SWERF, or a TERF, or in any way transphobic. THANK U!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

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𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚜's profile picture

holy shit ok i have to pick my fav rpdr winner it would have to be sharon i met her backstage once for a photo session it was great! her music is amazing too

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Xx.Jax_XD.xX's profile picture

thanx 4 adding back ur page is so dope!!! X33

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xX_4STR0L0G1C4L.P4ND4_Xx's profile picture


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ShelbyJanelle's profile picture

Thanks for accepting my friend request.


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mishka's profile picture

love your page!!! thanks for the add!! >;3c

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♡ Linkie ♡

♡ Linkie ♡'s profile picture

LUCKY!!! what shirt did u get and did u get a picture together? they're all so nice that it's intimidating sdjfdsfd but i met them all at 2 different pax easts and i actually went to their live show in DC! which is lichrally insane to think that it was just in january? my bff and i were planning to go to gamedays this year but it didn't happen.. ;0; hopefully 2021/2022 you'll get to go!!! omfg I HAVE CRUSH ON GARRETT TOO!!! he's liked a few of my tweets before and every time it's like u said, a religious experience. i screenshot it and everything *swoons*

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HalleHeichou's profile picture

Hey, thanks for the add! I adore your profile!

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*★°*:☆Pao*.°★* 's profile picture

ahhh i aspire to have my profile as cool as yours (●ˇ∀ˇ●) i see you like hatsune miku, I've very recently become a fan! any top fave songs I should check out?

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steb•wash's profile picture

that security hall track is a fav for sure!! love the jazzy feel to it. the vibraphone part is v nice. my band covered the beginning of Live and Learn just like it plays when u get to the menu screen once at the beginning of our set lol. One of my fav tracks is the metal harbor song. Love the ska vibes. The lead guitar melodies are always so cool on all those songs too. It's just a perfect soundtrack/album. And word up, I'm excited to check out DKC2! I've heard it can be much harder than the first one tho :0

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♡ Linkie ♡

♡ Linkie ♡'s profile picture

O WORM???? this is clearly the beginning of a beautiful friendship! have you ever met them before or gone to gamedays?

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*★°*:☆Pao*.°★* 's profile picture

hiiii thanks for the add! (^∀^●)ノシ im in love with everything about your profile especially the Jigglypuff!!

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steb•wash's profile picture

hell yea, the theme is a bop for sure. i used to listen to DK Jamz on my iPod while I was slammed @ the pizza place I used to work at and it always made it a better time lol. one soundtrack that I am glad is actually on spotify is the sonic adventure 2 soundtrack, that shit slaps very hard!! & oh boy yea i'm really not looking forward to how much harder these levels are about to get, but i have to beat this game at some point lol. Also, I forgot to answer ur previous question, but I haven't played DKC2 literally since I was a little kid & I really didn't even play it that much then. But once I beat the first one I definitely plan to get a copy & play it!!

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steb•wash's profile picture

here u go!

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Miggy Jai

Miggy Jai's profile picture

Thanks I'm pretty good I'm at work and you gotta nice profile too how is your day so far mine is good birthday is tomorrow I'm ready for that day to be over with tbh

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steb•wash's profile picture

i'll try 2 find the link i used for scrolly boxes, 1 sec!

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steb•wash's profile picture

Hell yea, I love DK Jamz!! I used to have it on my iPod when I had one. Really need to get either a classic iPod with a shit ton of GB or a decent iPhone w/ a ton of GB. I have Spotify Premium 4 free, but there's so much good shyt including DK Jamz that isn't on there. Aquatic Ambience is prob my fav track, what's urs?
As far as hard levels, I always get tripped up when I get to the Ice world, specifically Ice Age Alley but after I get used to the groove of the slippery platforms it's not too bad. When I get to the 5th world and beyond, I typically have trouble w/ almost every level until I've gone thru it for the zillionth time (i always try to stock up on lives on jungle hijinks first), but trik trak trek & elevator antics were 2 of the most difficult ones as of recently. I think Manic Mincers is the farthest level I've played so far & I haven't played in a couple weeks now because I'm busy w/ other shyt but I'm gonna try n get back to it soon. I don't do a ton of gaming, but when I do I get into it heavily for like a week and then don't play for a good while in between lol.

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Miggy Jai

Miggy Jai's profile picture

Hey Thanks for accepting my add
names Miggy Jai
i'm graphic designer
how are you!

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steb•wash's profile picture

Yo, thnx 4 accepting my add! I love ur profile! Also, luv that DK Country is one of ur fav games! It's probably my all time fav game since I was a kid! I still haven't beaten it tho I have tried several times throughout my life. I'm currently in the middle of playing it on SNES & I'm like 53% done which is the furthest I've ever gotten so far!

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blueasis's profile picture

thank you, i try to keep my profile cleeen, and my name is something i picked when i was 12 so glad its holding up

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♡ Linkie ♡

♡ Linkie ♡'s profile picture

HEWWOOOO! ur profile IS SO CUTE IT MAKES ME CRY! thnx 4 tha add, friend!!!

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