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Female, 1600 years old, half-Belarusian

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Welcome-Glitters-31 Music, art, fashion, history and science, "old school" and vintage. The mysterious and unusual. Being unapologetically weird and un-cool.


Gothic rock... Post-Punk... Dark Wave... Metal... Alternative Metal... Industrial... 80s and many more. I'll state my favorite bands later.


Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, The Devil Wears Prada, Fight Club, Home Alone, Twilight, St. Trinians, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, SLC Punk!, Meet The Parents, Mrs. Doubtfire, A Goofy Movie, The Butterfly Effect, Soul Survivors, The Matrix, Transformers ezgif-2-01c6313a2d


Adventure Time, Invader Zim, Stranger Things


Harry Potter. Horrible Science. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I likely have ocd...



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About me:

I am Kadavera, the undead nocturnal vampire ghoul princess of the night. I am 1600 years old, or what's just 16 to you humans. I'm a constant daydreamer, so I like to consider myself a lil creative, as a result. I don't care about what others think of me. authenticity is my shit. I'm honest and opinionated, may or may not have an attitude... but hey, that also means you'll have a hard time getting to me (I promise I won't be a jerk, though.) I plan on running a blog here centered around music and all things that interest me, and may intrigue you. check it out in the meantime... more awaits.


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Who I'd like to meet:

Sentimental "Freaks". goths n metalheads. add me if we've got a lot in common. I won't add back those who most likely added me for the sake of getting their numbers up. if I'm mistaken, feel free to send another request.

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meiyin's profile picture

omg are u like the coolest person ever or whatt??? luv ur profile!!

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thank you so much, that means a lot! <3

by Kadavera; ; Report

dmt ra

dmt ra's profile picture

Thanks for the add! You seem interesting!

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hey you're welcome! and thanks, you do too!

by Kadavera; ; Report


kuolemakaikille's profile picture

Hey thanks for accepting my request!

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Couldn't decline an awesome person like you \m/

by Kadavera; ; Report


𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖓!!♦️♠️🧷's profile picture

I love all the 80s gothic rock / post-punk music ( & goth movement !) too !!!! Happy to meet you :D you seem really cool!

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sweet! happy to meet you too! and thanks, you seem awesome!

by Kadavera; ; Report


hayl(eh)'s profile picture

thanks for the add! love how authentic your profile is to myspace :P

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'course! and thanks so much, that's my mission :p

by Kadavera; ; Report

of course and h3ll yeah : )

by hayl(eh); ; Report


YuppieGuppy's profile picture

nice page! i really like your straight forward, no bs attitude. your interests as well, i admire 👍

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hey thank you! I admire your interests too and you've got a really cool profile :p

by Kadavera; ; Report


Brandon☪Hoyt's profile picture

I have a belly button.

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Liar. I don't believe you.

by Kadavera; ; Report

Occasionally it smells like the primate section of the zoo....

by Brandon☪Hoyt; ; Report


☆starman☆'s profile picture

thanks for the add! your profile is so cool dude I love it! :) I also listen to my fair share of goth music too so its nice to see more of that on this app! you're really cool!

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no problem and thank you so much! you're awesome, I wish I added you sooner =') it's cool that you like some goth too!

by Kadavera; ; Report


Doe's profile picture

i love the spider webs on your page!!! also the color scheme

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thank you so much!! =)

by Kadavera; ; Report


gothika♱'s profile picture

i love ur profile SO much<33

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thank you!!!! love urs more =p <3

by Kadavera; ; Report


by gothika♱; ; Report


by Kadavera; ; Report


WiNTERiZER's profile picture

Awesome page! Love the color combinations.

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thank you so much! glad you like it, I've been kind of second-guessing my choices in that sense

by Kadavera; ; Report


SATURN RAZORBLADE's profile picture

youre soooo cool and nice and awesome and dark and i hope you have a great week 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🦇🦇🦇

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sorry i thought it was monday. have a great rest of the week and new week X)


ay thanks so much, and you too, you're awesome and I love your HIM theme! have a wonderful rest of the week and new one too =)

by Kadavera; ; Report


Brandon☪Hoyt's profile picture

Where's the cookies? I was promised cookies...

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er- uhhhmm...

by Kadavera; ; Report

It literally says we have cookies....what kind?

by Brandon☪Hoyt; ; Report

uh chocolate chip! they aren't ready yet so come back another time...

by Kadavera; ; Report

Awwww ok.
Well, I'll be back!

by Brandon☪Hoyt; ; Report

sure...! see ya later..

by Kadavera; ; Report

vel venomous

vel venomous 's profile picture

luv ur layout sm it looks like its from myspace xdd

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thank you so much, that's what I was trying hard to achieve :') same goes for yours and the other ones you create!

by Kadavera; ; Report

tysm :0

by vel venomous; ; Report

ofc =)

by Kadavera; ; Report


Sabbath's profile picture

wicked layoutt

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thank u so much =p

by Kadavera; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Sweet profile!

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thank you, that's nice to hear =) I'll admit it's a bit of a mess bcuz I don't know what I wanna do with it, to be honest. might have to start from scratch, we'll see

by Kadavera; ; Report


𝑅𝑎𝑖𝑛.<3's profile picture

Hiii thx for the add! You seem really cool x33

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thanks, i certainly hope so :p right back at u!!

by Kadavera; ; Report

Deleted User #928291

Deleted User #928291's profile picture

Thanks for the add, very gothic!

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no problem, and hell yeah that's what I'm going for! :)

by Kadavera; ; Report


LUKA☣️'s profile picture

thanks for the add!! you’re literally the coolest i love your profile

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hey you're welcome! and whaaat, literally right back at u, but thanx <3

by Kadavera; ; Report

🦇🕷️🕸️ RAY 🕸️🕷️🦇

🦇🕷️🕸️ RAY 🕸️🕷️🦇 's profile picture

thanks for the add back!!

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no problem >:)

by Kadavera; ; Report