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Pro Wrestling. Recovery Management. Drug & Alcohol Counseling. Mental Health Advocate. Project semi colon. Lost Dreams Awaken. 9/11/2019. Comedy Dodgers. Lakers. Cats.


My Spotify changes all the time, but lately a heavy rotation of: Sinai Beach, Twitching Tongues, Hatebreed, Lady Gaga, From Autumn to Ashes, Chamber of Malice, Dustin Kensrue, UnderŌath, Dallas Green, and Madball.


Tombstone. 3 Ninjas. Last Samurai. Beyond The Mat. Goodfellas. Romeo and Juliet. (90's) TMNT 1 and 2. Joe Dirt.


Animal documentaries. Pro Wrestling. Crime Documentaries. Cheap B-Horror.


I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. Assholes finish first. 12 steps & Traditions. Just For Today.


All my heroes are dead.


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Former 2004 Myspace hardcore kid that grew up, got older, made way too many mistakes, yet continues to still soul search in 2021. I'm here for the nostalgia feels, and good times.

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Bohemian Princess

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Hiya thanks for the add:D

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thx for the add!
dope shirt!
happy about the njpw + aew partnership?

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Thanks man! and actually, yes! There's so many possible ''dream matches'' that can potentially happen now. Just a matter of time to see if they actually do. Also, it gives Impact! a chance to reach a bigger audience. That whole thing that's going on to be honest has been the best thing going when it comes to pro wrestling since right before AEW offically started, and the AllIn ppv happened. Excited for the future for sure!

by JUSTIN HAYS !; ; Report

i agree. im happy for impact but tbh i can't watch their content. i actually bought a ppv of theirs, slammiversary and it was so boring. i watched it all, watching my money fade.
and don't get me wrong, i know they are smaller even tho they been doing it for a long while... it just wasn't there for me. but i was ok supporting the little guy and the hard working wrestlers.
i like smaller shows. i was at the indie show in los angeles (bar wrestling) where cody and young bucks signed scu and had a few spots.


I'M SEEING A BULLET CLUB vs THE elite happening down the line

by DYLAN TRASH; ; Report

Dude, I told a few friends watch.. Something with the Japan BC and USA BC is going to end up happening because them in Japan have been holding it down straong with Jay White since everyone left! Gives me chills lol. Besides that, im trying to get into this new heel kenny. ts cool but doesnt feel right to me atleast. Be more violent please lol. Be the cleaner we want and need haha.

by JUSTIN HAYS !; ; Report

i think it will get more cleanerlike
mox and him are good together but mox is a brawler
kenny needs wrestlers to have good wrestling match
aew have a lot of good wrestlers but no storyline there
but bring in the history of bullet club brings in a lot
bringing in NJPW is perfect

by DYLAN TRASH; ; Report

this whole storyline has been years in the making. theres youtube video of people breaking it down like little by little showing how everything even down to adam page, and cody etc works together and meshes together. hope somewhere down the line kota ibushi is brought around kenny, essentially as the ''real'' world champion, and kenny destroys him lol. and starts getting world titles from everywhere, kinda like thanos and the stones. i can dream right?

by JUSTIN HAYS !; ; Report

i like hangman and storywise, even if you just take it from aew, works
but hangman is not on kenny's level of wrestling imo
i would still like that match but yea
cody is tho, that's a huge match but cody can't win the aew title so
but kenny vs someone from njpw just seems a lot more interesting to me

by DYLAN TRASH; ; Report