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Obsessed cat person.That's it. I love anything related to space and...well,eyes and all the other creepy stuff.Also i like reading about SCP and Backrooms (I'm the one who reads random articles about them at 3 AM).


I don't even know what exactly to type in here...I listen to pretty much anything as long as it's good..Though mostly it's Jack Stauber and Omori soundtracks.


No favorite movies,but i like horror movies.I will be this kind of friend who would purposefully scare you during the most stressful moments in them...hehe.


I don't watch TV much so...i dunno.The only time i watch any shows is when i have an urge to rewatch some cartoons.


Any kind of psychological horror/thriller.Boring?Maybe,but it's addictive for me to read this kind of things.Though occasionally I can't help but feel sick in my stomach from some topics that are often mentioned in here — sometimes people and their minds are much more unsettling than monsters or ghosts.


A horror book that actually has any monsters/ghosts/aliens and looks unreal enough for me to calm down and get my mind off the things people are capable ot doing.


You.You're the hero.Why would i need anyone else?👀

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About me:

Hello there...a random user who decided to scroll through the accounts out of boredom.You can call me Watcher,though any other nickname will be welcomed too.I'm not mean,just very awkward and might and will dissapear for a while at the random moment of conversation.I'm agender and pansexual,so the only phrase that i can describe myself with randomly is "I'm nobody,but i love everybody...and scared of everybody". Random fact: my profile is not unfinished,it seems kinda blank because I'll get overwhelmed if i wouldn't even be able to read my own profile due to those floating,spinning blurry things and pictures that people add to their pages sometimes.😵‍💫

Who I'd like to meet:

I'll be glad to meet any nice people.The more expressive the better (I don't understand people not liking when someone is "too loud"),for me it's easier to understand the feelings of this kind of people and maybe match the mood with them,since that's hard to understand the emotions through the screen y'know.But overall,i love people. paranoid-stamp-by-lucifossie-dcb6jhi

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Super cool profile! Love your aesthetic

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Tysmm! 🥹🩶

by ⚝Watcher⚝; ; Report


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Sweet page!

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...Oh god i didn't know that i dissapeared for THAT long-

by ⚝Watcher⚝; ; Report