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"what up, biatch?"

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, deftones, rob zombie, limp bizkit, kittie, korn, slipknot, alex g, the smiths, the cure, nirvana, the smashing pumpkins, pixies, eminem, weezer, sonic youth, david bowie, my bloody valentine, shoegaze , car seat headrest , duster, insane clown posse, behemoth, alice in chains, slayer, cannibal corpse, sepultura, rammstein


donnie darko, pulp fiction, trainspotting, starwars, scott pilgrim vs the world, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, shallow grave, american psycho, spiderman, batman, 500 days of summer, fight club, Jackass, The Rocky Horror Picture Show,Scream, Girl Interrupted,The Breakfast Club, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Primal Fear, The Lost Boys, Labyrinth, Juno, The Silence of the Lambs, a clockwork orange, Red Dragon, Edward Scissorhands


the walking dead , hannibal nbc, the last of us hbo, moon knight, bojack horseman, breaking bad, starwars tbb


starwars books


jesse pinkman 💚💚

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About me:

☆☆☆ i like dvds & cds, zombies, cameras and old footage, music , guitars, posters, dogs, hannibal nbc (especially will graham he just like me fr), film study, starwars (luke skywalker is so me) , twd, tlou game and show , old web, aliens and space, cool images, the colour green, poetry, art, piercings (i have 3 nose rings so far) and tattoos, stars, hair dye, horror films and literature, 70s, 80s, 90s & 2000s "aesthetics" ( trust me id use a less weird word if i could), photography, philosophy, silent hill , resident evil , twd games , tlou ,stoners, any fellow metalheads or scenemo, punk, hippie etc people ur so rad. if u have any cool gifs or wtv on your profile i will 100% be stealing them. black lives matter & acab/1312 . anti fascism ☆☆☆ Tiny Skull Crossbones

Who I'd like to meet:

yooo i would like 2 meet anyone as long as your chill

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silas ☆

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thx sm 4 the add!! i luv ur blinkiez nd stampz!!

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ty 4 the add luv ur page! omg ur blinkie collection is da best

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i LUV ur blinkies!! thx 4 teh add!!

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elytriass ⸙

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★ carrionbites

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dude thanks you seem awesome too

by ☆ luke; ; Report


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thx sm 4 accepting my friend request!! ur cool asf <3

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no problem, your super cool too dude!

by ☆ luke; ; Report


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thx 4 the add!! u r cool af

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no problem girl ur awesome

by ☆ luke; ; Report


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you seem incredibly rad man

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nah you too man you seem awesome

by ☆ luke; ; Report


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yooo ur layout is sick

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thanks mate , yours is cool too

by ☆ luke; ; Report

Mysterious Blood Pyramid

Mysterious Blood Pyramid's profile picture

Sick layout

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thanks dude yours is awesome too

by ☆ luke; ; Report


atticus's profile picture

ty 4 the add! u seem rlly cool and i love your page layout :D

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Thanks mate, your layout is rad too

by ☆ luke; ; Report


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Tysm for the add! :D

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yo , no problem

by ☆ luke; ; Report


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thanx for the add!!

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no problem dude

by ☆ luke; ; Report

pixie :-0

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hello :) u seem rlly cool ty 4 the add ! i love all of your sillies

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yoo! thanks dude

by ☆ luke; ; Report


rue's profile picture

omg dude u seem liek such a vrry vrry cool person /lh

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yoo dude thanks you seem cool too

by ☆ luke; ; Report

tyyyy ^__^

by rue; ; Report


IN✩ES's profile picture

thanks for the add! u have very good music taste

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no problem, love ur pfp ahsoka is awesome

by ☆ luke; ; Report


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thanks 4 the add! ^_____^

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no problem!

by ☆ luke; ; Report