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he/him, 18, trans neurodivergent catkin furry artist!

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i'm just gonna use this as a video games section hehe

favorites right now!!:
terraria, persona 5


other games:
pokemon, mother 3, earthbound, splatoon, kirby, puyo puyo, fire emblem, animal crossing, undertale / deltarune, minecraft, rhythm heaven, the world ends with you, katamari damacy, saints row 3 and 4, hotline miami, ace attorney 4 and 5, dappervolk, flight rising, spyro, stardew valley, night in the woods, love live, don't starve


WHY?, radiator hospital, iDKHOW, sunset rubdown, queens of the stone age, paramore, mother mother


other loves!
jack stauber, the scary jokes, fall out boy, bulldog eyes, the front bottoms, AJJ, astronautilus, lemon demon, neutral milk hotel, the neighbourhood, marina and the diamonds, two door cinema club, the killers, the mountain goats, father john misty, wild party, walk the moon, jukebox the ghost, tally hall, razia's shadow, arctic monkeys


im not a big movies person, but my favorite is heathers!


infinity train, doctor who, digimon, death note, fullmetal alchemist, soul eater, she-ra (1985 and 2018!), my little pony, puella magi madoka magica


warrior cats is my favorite series, my favorite book is the first battle from dawn of the clans! i also like the divergent trilogy, the hunger games trilogy, the giver, and some others...


Web Series

the walten files, petscop, eddsworld, and the adventure zone!

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About me:

im just a little guy. just a little dude. im just a little birthday boy
i'm not really sure how this site works yet so please be nice
i like to think im pretty cool... i'm slowly adding in info about myself!

switch friendcode: SW-3095-0522-5918
i play animal crossing, pokemon unite, pokemon shield, puyo puyo tetris 1 and 2, splatoon, and smash!

i have a tumblr which is my other main page! i post my art on deviantart too. i also have a twitter but it's a private journal type thing so id rather not share it. all the links are under my interests!

Who I'd like to meet:

as long as youre kind id love to talk!! especially people who like art, video games, animals, and other stuff like that!! if we share interests feel free to send a friend request :D

for now i'll just block people i don't want to talk to. thanks!!

also ftr, if i can't read the text on your page i probably will decline your friend request, sorry for that ;;

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Thanks for the add!

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HAI ASHE!!!! >:3

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HIII !!! *dancing cat gif*

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