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"At least the Internet no longer goes 'skaweeeureewurt'"


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theatre. nintendo 3ds. stately homes. good books. notebooks. street food. black eyeliner. comfy jumpers. flip flops. my favourite murder. skinny jeans. lunching out out. bubbly wine. earl grey. travel by train. cider. false eyelashes. ramen noodles.


ash. mcr. fall out boy. garbage. johnny cash. foo fighters. fleetwood mac. placebo. symposium. U2. take that. blink 182. jimmy eat world. you me at six. 30 seconds to mars. paramore. cobra starship. pearl jam. the killers. simple plan. red hot chilli peppers. the chemical brothers. blur. oasis. smashing pumpkins. foo fighters. flurie. machine gun kelly. ABBA. the beatles. the beach boys. new order. joy division. the smiths. raging speedhorn. deftones. queen. the offspring. bon jovi. bruce springsteen. skunk anansie. prince.


tarrantino. kevin smith. christopher nolan. black & white films. cornetto trilogy. ferris builders day off. the goonies. donnie darko. harry potter. bridget jones. the lost boys. bill & ted.


all the netflix. the peanuts. the west wing. boston legal. futurama. criminal minds. SKAM. star trek. twin peaks. sliders. csi. roswell. sherlock. marvel universe. lie to me. the simpson. portrait artist of the year. dr who. torchwood.


austen. wilde. pratchett. king. indie comics.




I'm also inordinately fond of that glorious weirdo Matthew Gray Gubler.

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About me:

xennial. nerd. introvert. free hugs. gig goer.

zero fucks. ambitious. but not to the point of stupid.

high fives. american. history geek. festival goer.

hasn't been cool a day in my life.

Who I'd like to meet:

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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💕 💞

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JUST some tropical vibes for you🌊🌴🥥🍹

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Cabin Boy Jumped Ship

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Hey!!! Thank you for the add!
Hope you're well :)
Please, If you get a spare few minutes, Check out our NEW single 'GHOSTS'
Let us know what you think ^_^
Thanksss :D

(CLICK HERE) Cabin Boy Jumped Ship - GHOSTS

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Vegan Prepper

Vegan Prepper's profile picture

oh man, you're the first person that has mentioned The West Wing on their profile. suuuuuuuuuuch a good show, aaron sorkin's camera work was just so perfect. also, you have great taste in music =)

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**first person I have seen**

by Vegan Prepper; ; Report


Always🎄April's profile picture

JUST a little luck sent your way!🤞🏽¸.•*➷¸🍀¸.•*➷¸💰¸.•*➷¸🌈

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Sweeney Toad

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HEY thanks for the add!

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Thank you so much for adding me!

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Dr. Roe

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hello there! Thx for the request

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You are most welcome!
I love your profile! & I look forward to seeing you around XD

by juliet's nurse; ; Report

Unstoppable Lobster

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Greetings new friend.

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Hola! Brand new chum :D
ty for accepting my request!

by juliet's nurse; ; Report


Always🎄April's profile picture

JUST in case you need another new beginning, Happy Lunar New Year! Xīnnián kuàilè🧧🐯🧨🏮 新年快乐

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How lovely! Thank you
And of course, Happy Lunar new year to you too x

by juliet's nurse; ; Report


blairVVitch's profile picture

Thank you so much! 🖤

I LOVE your profile, especially the headers, because they remind me of the Juno-esque/'07 aesthetic.

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Be still my heart...you got my aesthetic.

by juliet's nurse; ; Report


Max's profile picture

Thank you for the add btw💞

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tysm for accepting!

by juliet's nurse; ; Report


½InDaClosetPlumber's profile picture

Your page looks so good! Thanks for the request 💛

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You're far to kind! & thank you for accepting my request XD

by juliet's nurse; ; Report

Well, your "who I'd like to meet" said you wanted to meet me. Who am I to deny a fan of my work?

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

Steves Peeps

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Jon 🐇

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thanx for the add! In the land of Palin and Python, eh? I'm jealous! :)

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Indeed I am...the Pythons are pure magic. Surely only wizards are that funny!!
Also, you mustn't forgot tea. So very much over here

by juliet's nurse; ; Report

hey, lonely planet

hey, lonely planet's profile picture

HI! Thanks for adding! We make music that we think maybe u might be into based on your pages vibe! if u could check us out we’d rly appreciate it cause we got loads of new stuff coming! Sry for this annoying self promo lol

Our Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5aiZVDnG9CZNhLj4VwjEN6?si=NohviihmQaSf3_i4qH5NoA

our youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-gOgK2BySOQCn9fN4MX_Mn8y_cm5HV0E

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You guys are adorbs! Self promo away :)
Will totally be checking your tunes out - thanks for the links x

by juliet's nurse; ; Report

Hell yeah lmao TYSM!!

by hey, lonely planet; ; Report

Hell yeah lmao TYSM!!

by hey, lonely planet; ; Report


emolovestory's profile picture

Your music taste, TV show taste and love of Nintendo though!! 💖

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Nintendo is the biz! I've tried other consoles but none compare.

by juliet's nurse; ; Report

Haha ikr, and ppl say Nintendo isn't real gaming. Idc what they think. I'd rather have Pokemon, Kirby and Zelda over all those violent mature games that almost seem to lack spirit in comparison. Also, Nintendo soundtracks deserve some love, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j3VL70JpBo

by emolovestory; ; Report


Always🎄April's profile picture

Skål-Cheers-Prost-Maisha marefu-Santé-Cin Cin-
Na zdrowie-Sláinte-干杯 (gān bēi)-Salud
To a New Year of endless possibilities!

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Always🎄April's profile picture

THANKS for the add request.You are totally tubular! 🎧

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Visceral Vengeance

Visceral Vengeance's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Hope things stay smooth here!

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