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"i help others when i cant help myself"

florida usa, infj-t, 9w1, english & very basic russian

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- video games

 - fav game = VA-11 HALL-A

- music/music production
- food


- rock/metal
- alternative
- breakcore
- hyperpop
some of my favorite artists: молчат дома (molchat doma), usedcvnt, entra, deftones, goreshit, linkin park, system of a down, foo fighters, crystal castles, weezer (lol), duster, rory in early 20s, femtanyl, black dresses, purity filter, 100 gecs + both of their solo work


- oppenheimer 10/10
- barbie 10/10
- iron man 1 9.5/10
- beverly hills cop 9/10
- demon slayer mugen train 8.5/10
- the boy and the heron 7.5/10
- my neighbor totoro 10/10
- spirited away 10/10
- kikis delivery service 10/10
- everything everywhere all at once 10/10


- bbc sherlock 9.5/10
- mha 8/10
- jjk 8/10
- bocchi the rock 10/10
- one piece 7/10
- angels of death 9.5/10
- bungou stray dogs 9/10
- cyberpunk edgerunners 10/10
- kakegurui 8.5/10


not a big books person
- holes 9/10


- myself i guess
- you :)

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About me:

~ time to mix drinks and change lives ~
☆ she/her ☆ 20 ☆ lg(b)(t) ☆ safe space ☆
♡ if you need a big sister, i'm here for you ♡
⸸ severely mentally ill ⸸ comp sci major ⸸
💉 12/18/2023 💊
♌ leo sun ☀ ♑ capricorn moon 🌙 ♌ leo ascendant ☊
🠖 currently playing: hopes and dreams by garoad 🠔

Who I'd like to meet:

~ cool people (pls msg me)~
~ people who need help or advice ~
~ jill stingray (im literally her) ~ jill stingray

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Thank you for accepting my friend's request!

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Extremely based Va11-halla profile! Started the game a couple weeks ago, already 9 hours in, I LOVE IT!

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Never Knows Best

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I love VA-11 Hall-A!!!

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me too !!

by julie; ; Report


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ur page took 15 seconds to load on my internet LOL but thx 4 the add :3

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lol sorryyyyyy

by julie; ; Report


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Thanks for the add C:

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by julie; ; Report


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your profile is absolutely gorgeous omg, i love the window pop-up in the beginning!!

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thank you !!!

by julie; ; Report

suddenly, kittens!

suddenly, kittens!'s profile picture

hiii julieeee nice to meet you :3

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hiiii nice to meet you too :)

by julie; ; Report

hope you're having a lovely day :3 if u wan chat there's contact info on my profile

by suddenly, kittens!; ; Report

:3 tyyy and oki !

by julie; ; Report


by suddenly, kittens!; ; Report

meow :3

by julie; ; Report


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omg thank uuuu you look cool too and i love ur profile as well :3

by julie; ; Report


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thanks for the add, usedcvnt and Bocchi the Rock are indeed peak. good vibrations!

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thank you for adding me back! and yes they are both PEAK

by julie; ; Report


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thank you ! i like urs too x3

by julie; ; Report


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Thanks for the add :)

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ofc !! ur profile looks rlly cool :))

by julie; ; Report

~Broken Toy~

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Hello, Julie.

I'm Lu.

Thank You.

Have A Great Day Always.....


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nice to meet you lu :) have an amazing day

by julie; ; Report


by ~Broken Toy~; ; Report

Jon 🐇

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Hi new chum! :D
Cool page! I love helping people too, big part of why I stay here :)

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hii !! glad u added me back :))

by julie; ; Report

My pleasure!

by Jon 🐇; ; Report


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W music taste

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thank uuuu <3

by julie; ; Report


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i LOVE your profile!!! n your music taste is very similar to mine, woah :O

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i love ur profile too!! also thats so cool! i love to meet ppl with similar music tastes :3

by julie; ; Report


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shout to all my transfem sisters in florida. we thugging it out frfr!!
love the jill profile btw!

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we out here !! also tyyyy i named myself after her :3

by julie; ; Report


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Enjoy a good bit of crystal castles. How are you finding Comp Sci? Doing it myself

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yessss i love crystal castles. cs is going alright so far, i just swapped majors to it so im not that deep in it yet but it seems fun! coding my profile was part of me practicing a bit lol

by julie; ; Report


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this chick rocks!

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lol no u, ur literally better than me

by julie; ; Report


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<33 !

by julie; ; Report


by xSkyex; ; Report


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bro i love your taste in music and television ^_^

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tyyy :)) i like ur choice of music and movies too. ur account looks really cool

by julie; ; Report