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"Check out my playlist and guitar videos!"

I'm 20 something, and I like electronics, guitar, and METAL |m/

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Music Playlist
M.A.R.S. (Tony MacAlpine) - I Can See It In Your Eyes

Steel Panther - I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys cover)

Tony MacAlpine - Tears of Sahara (ft. George Lynch)

Dream Theater - Surrounded

Dokken - Unchain the Night

Symphony X - Out of the Ashes

Opeth - White Cluster

Van Morrison - Why Are You On Facebook?

Yngwie Malmsteen - Soldier Without Faith

Vinnie Moore - Mind's Eye

Racer X - Into the Night






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Guitar Video: Death Metal Solo - Fail Compilation (8-08-2021) (view more)

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Guitar Videos - Updated 7-28-2021 (CLICK HERE)

Death Metal Solo - Old video (7-17-2021)

Death Metal Solo - Fail Compilation (8-08-2021)

Skip Tap (7-28-2021)

Random Solo Idea [old video] (7-28-2021)

Death - Crystal Mountain [Cover, old video, sloppy] (7-28-2021)

Death - Symbolic [Rhythm Cover, old video] (7-28-2021)

Picking Warmup (7-26-2021)

Harmonized Idea Thing [old video ft. accents] (7-28-2021)

Yngwie - Disciples of Hell solo intro cover [sloppy very old video] (7-28-2021) PATHETIC bend

Lay It Down riff + Random Shred [old video] (7-28-2021)

Electronics - Updated 7-7-2021 (CLICK HERE)

EEVBlog - Voltage Dividers (7-28-2021)

Comedy - Updated 7-7-2021 (CLICK HERE)

Schfifty Five (7-28-2021)

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Wacky Alex

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Please try the radio channel.

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Ras Bolding

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Hey in here. ;)

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Sweeney Toad

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Thanks for the add!

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𝓐𝔭𝔰𝔒𝔫𝔫𝔦𝔒𝔩's profile picture

Thanks for the add ❀

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Hey! Thanks for the add!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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Thank you. I hope you are well.

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Relish Ubiquitous

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Thank you for your add! (βˆ©β–‚βˆ©)

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THXX 4 4DD1NG M3!!!1! x3

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Thanks for the friend request!

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Hey there, thanks for the request!
Love your music playlist! Have a great day/evening!

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Captain_Celluloid's profile picture

PS. Where did you setup your playlist? The songs are complete. I have Spotify and they only provide 30 seconds for each song. You have to go to their page to listen to the rest. It's annoying! lol

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by jPod Nano; ; Report

Thanks J!

by Captain_Celluloid; ; Report


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Thanks for the friendship! Have yourself a ssssssssssssssssuper week, CC!

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Thanks for linking in with me!

Please consider checking out some of the stuff on my page!

How's things with you?

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xX_rainbowrex_<3's profile picture

thanks for the add! cool music!

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Thank you!

by jPod Nano; ; Report


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Hey homie, I think all of your epic guitar playing is creating some kind of storm at the top of your page. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

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That's exactly what I was trying to do!

by jPod Nano; ; Report

Well, YOU DID IT!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!! ϟ ϟ ϟ ϟ

by Kamiau; ; Report

Thank you SO much for the appreciation!

by jPod Nano; ; Report

I just got struck by lightning...

by Kamiau; ; Report

btw it's ok... im fine now.

by Kamiau; ; Report

Good, I was so worried that I froze up and couldn't type!!

by jPod Nano; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! :)

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Lyrian Space Frequencies

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Racer X! Finally someone else that's into shred on this site! I actually have a shred guitar group too but it's like crickets in there haha. Thanks for the request man!

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Yes! I hope more people join that share our tastes in music. I'm trying to get people on here. I have no other social media because I'm sick of it all.
I'd like to see this site evolves over time, but remains true to the functionality, style, and simplicity of MySpace.

by jPod Nano; ; Report

I know what you mean I only have instagram at this point and I deactivated my facebook. I'm sick of big tech social media. I should warn you though, you do have to be careful on here as well. Just like some of the other sites, there are some spammers that request everyone and are just here to promote things or scam you.

by Lyrian Space Frequencies; ; Report


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Fuzzy Flashbacks to an internet world far less absurdly intrusive Bigtech!
TimeWarp 2000s
Thanks for Add:)
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