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"wdym the gay pirate show got cancelled…."

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i love drawing and indulge in lots of medias such as homestuck, creepypasta, marble hornets, law of talos, tmnt, deltarune, eddsworld, welcome home, ENA, hellavu boss, anime, videogames [LBP, portal, fran bow, sally face, fnaf, cof, re] mainly homestuck tho srry not srry


mcr, icp, ptv, bvb, get scared, taking back sunday, mafumafu, hatsune miku, disko warp, circa survive, dot dot curve, millionaires, sew intricate, chiodos, the medic droid, a day to remeber, sws, korn, slipknot, hawthorne heights, malice mizer, linkin park, bmth, bfmv, breaking benjamin, soad, avenged sevenfold, 3 doors down, the offspring, ghost bc, ghost town, tdg n more recently been rlly obsessed with she wants revenge, sisters of mercy, london after midnight, siouxsie and the banshees, bauhaus, the cure, sisters of mercy and others! i mainly listen to emo music tho


back to the future, any marvel movie, nightmare before christmas, beetlejuice, corpse bride, the addams family, little shop of horrors, nightmare on elm street, the thing, rottmnt, little monsters


gravity falls, hannibal nbc, over the garden wall, teen titans, tmnt, supernatural, good omens, out flag means death, merlin, marble hornets, don't hug me i'm scared, moomins, sherlock, doctor who, mlp


scott pilgrim vs the world, homestuck, the girl from the other side, anything edgar allen poe, most philosophy books tbh


uhm... my cat?

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About me:

uhhh idk i say funny dumb shit sometimes | i luv clowns n jesters!!!| i also have a mug collection | im lesbian :3 | if you wanna talk msg me! i might take a while to respond, im usually busy or away from my computer | im kinda awkward so dont feel bad if i sound closed off while chatting | infp aquarius | i have a cat named lucy and hes a sweatheart (when he wants to be) XP

Who I'd like to meet:

has the same intrest(s) but anyone in general :p

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Nice page!

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thanx wubzilla :333

by Casey ⦻; ; Report

Dave B)

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Yoooo u r so cool!!

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OMG thanks !!! i luv ur layout nd blinkies X3

by Casey ⦻; ; Report

Aww thanks dude B)

by Dave B); ; Report


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ik where u live

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by Casey ⦻; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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i’m ur #1 fan wacky

by Casey ⦻; ; Report

nope. Number 2.

by Wacky Alex; ; Report


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HOLMY SHIT i love ur layout <<33 seems like it would taste like raspberries/pos but thanks 4 the add !!!! /gen - Climber

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I <3 RASPBERRIES!! biggest compliment tyy! and np i luved ur layout too! great music taste btw Xc

by Casey ⦻; ; Report

awwh ty !!! :3 youhave great music taste as well - Climber

by snowstorm_; ; Report


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omg dave strider!! fave hs character ?? guess who mine is >:)) also, wonderful music taste + i love ur page!

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yes haha! the striders are both my favorites theyr so cool :D hmm im guessing yours is maybe sollux or rose since you like coding and writing :?

by Casey ⦻; ; Report

it's both sollux and gamzee!! >:) and i'm also a big fan of the striders!

by vrodexia; ; Report