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"thuggin out the school day"

do jumpin jacks on the D everyday yall WISH you was me

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VIDEO GAMES: tf2, COD, stardew valley, animal crossing, dating games, BLASPHEMOUS, minecraft, roblox, occasionally fortnite, TLOU, RDR2, COF, deltarune/undertale, dialtown, DBH, DDLC, TSP, FNAF, MK1, and probably some other games that i cant remember the name of. i love writing, i love books, i love music, video games, videos essays, (psychological) horror/thrillers, cardio, making fun of people perchance, and doing your mom as any self respecting teen would


i never listen to one genre and i always put all my music into one playlist👍 garage rock, hiphop, indie rock, bedroom pop. mistki, the strokes, TYLER THE CREATOR, kendrick lamar, childish gambino, pity party (girls club), pink pantheress, kitty, SZA, thundercat, gorrilaz, mcCafferty, MCR, tv girl, IDKHBTFM, louie zong, still whoozy, cuco, current joys, steve lacy, clario, destroy boys, and some other people that i dont remember.


PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR MOVIES !!! specifically christain / exorcisms. those scare the shit out of me. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN BEST MOVIE YOU'LL EVER FIND. jarhead a solid 100/10, alice in wonderland (THE ONE FROM THE 90's NOT THE BULLSHIT LIVE ACTION), robin hood, belladonna of sadness. these arent movies but things like bojack horseman, carmen sandiego, the walking dead, TLOU (tv series), shameless, ect ect.




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About me:

I Love Cats he/him malewife alpha gayboy core. no clue how to use this website but i dont have spotify premium and need something to keep me going so we're gonna figure it out. i talk a little to much so maybe get used to that. ive heard im hard to talk to so also get used to that ! very inconsistent person so dont expect me to stick to one style or thing. PLEASE SEND ME MONEY IM BROKE. a lot of the time wont text you first so unless you wanna be waiting 5 months for a conversation you better speak up.

Who I'd like to meet:

anybody who can give me music / game recommendations, whoever enjoys texting regularly and calling. people who go outside because i like hearing what i miss out on. DEFINITELY IF YOU ENJOY CALLING AND PLAYING GAMES !!! if its free i'll always wanna play a game and if you feel like buying me said game then i'll never complain. anybody who wants to rant about their interests im definitely up for that because i honestly need to get into new things myself. and ofcourse if there any rich baby daddys on here you'll never see me complaining about meeting one😋

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