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i want to brainwash you into loving me forever

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genshin (na server), stardew valley, valorant, overwatch, roblox, dbd.
currently playing:
omori, fnaf1, yakuza 0 and re5.
i have 3 tattoos and looking foward to get the 4th one if that counts as interest. i enjoy baking sweets and i'm really into makeup too. i paint sometimes. as for vtubers: luxiem and shxtou (voxto stan). cat lover.


taylor swift, post malone, bts, cigarrettes after sex, mitski, mother mother, lana del rey, the weeknd, the neighbourhood, steve lacy, marina, and lots of other artists that i listen to like the same 3-4 songs of them everyday but are so good (cavetown, tv girl, joji, arctic monkeys, aurora, tame impala, twenty one pilots, mac demarco)


little women, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, marvel (i refuse to watch avengers endgame idgaf), any horror/suspense or psychological thriller (my favourite ones are sinister and shutter island) i'd appreciate recommendations.


fleabag, attack on titan, given, haikyuu, hunter x hunter, blue period, doukyuusei, sk8, banana fish, my hero academia, death note, fruits basket, moriarty the patriot, chainsaw man, jujutsu kaisen, demon slayer.
currently watching: nana, kny s2.


no longer human.


my lovely best friend.
(and hinata shoyo).

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About me:

21 ✧ she/her ✧ chile ✧ bisexual
intp ✧ aries sun and venus ✧ gemini moon ✧ taurus rising
i speak spanish and english

Who I'd like to meet:

i have social anxiety so it's difficult for me to start conversations, but ims are always open and i like to meet new ppl so just message me if you want.
you can also add me on discord (user: glessite).

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jeweeel you're cute :3

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Conchesumadre recién que caché que eres de Chile JAJJAJAJAJAJA. Gracias por el add. :)

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y yo que pensé que por eso me habías agregado NDKSNSKDJSKDJ wenisima

by jewel; ; Report

diana ^_^

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gracias x el add!! ^_^

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no hay de qué c: <3

by jewel; ; Report


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im gay uwu

by kassikook; ; Report

mi amoorrrr <333

by jewel; ; Report

meowwww =^-^= <3

by kassikook; ; Report

winnie ☾⋆⁺₊⋆

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omg yooo ur super cool!!!! thank you for the add~

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thank youUuuUu <333

by jewel; ; Report


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hii, thnkyou for adding me! your profile is SO cool aaaa

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AAA tysm, i love ur profile<33

by jewel; ; Report


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sick profile!!

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thank yoUuUUuU <3

by jewel; ; Report


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Thank you for the add, I love your profile

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tysm <33

by jewel; ; Report

vivi <3

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thank u 4 the add!!!! i luv ur page ure so cool

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tysm !! i love ur pfp sm yeonjun is so cute

by jewel; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add, Jewel

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we fuck we smash btw/hj

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omg so true

by jewel; ; Report

leafy ౨ৎ

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your profile is so cool you're awesome

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tysm omg you look so cool too i love ur profileeeee

by jewel; ; Report


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thx for the add !! loving your Kazutora pfp smm

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TYSM he’s so prettyyyy <33

by jewel; ; Report


𝔴𝔶𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔞's profile picture

tysm for adding me!! ^^

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thx 4 the add!! ur pfp is so pretty and i love the name jewel!! ur page is really nice too i might steal some of ur blinkies loool :P

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np !! and go ahead steal them lmaoo they will make ur page even more pretty <3

by jewel; ; Report

Kei ♡

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thanksss for the add!!!1!

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Thanks for the add! I like you layout!

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thanks for the add! cool profile also :)

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tysm !! yours look pretty cool too <3

by jewel; ; Report


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ty for the add!!

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my friend has the best layout idk about yall

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since when did i become a friend

by jewel; ; Report

i will pull you by your hair and smash u to the walls

by KROYFISH; ; Report

answer me on discord mf

by jewel; ; Report