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i get scared of flies i looovvvevvevevveveve IFINITY TRAAAIIIIINNN!!!!!! doukyuusei, sk8 the infinity, tbhk, cherry crush webtoon not star, the stranger by the shore, men, dead plate, omori, lego monkie kid, studio ghibli, the outsiders, hooky webtoon, voltron, the smell of vapes (i do NOT vape!)class of '09, yurii!! on ice, juno, scott pilgrim (books, movie and show), tuv youtuber, alex g, mitski, laufey, beabadoobee, all my friends, disney XD, sumtimes js disney, haileys on it (plz watch all the shows ive recommend and read the books play the games or listen to the music i recommend), moon girl and devil dinosaur, big city green, the amazing world of gumball, craig of the creek, music, headphones, my man, walking with my friends, online shopping, skincare, dresses, skirts, pink, candy, chips, hair care, untangling my hair (when im finished nottttt when im doing it), showering, shein clothes, plushies, aaanananannananndnndndndndnndddddddddddddddddddd last but not least i LOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESWDHUHFOEIDUQGOUIKUQHOFEIPWOUgihbfuophu rain asmr or mukbang asmr!! ALSOOOOOOOO IM TRANSMALE AND 13!!!! if u make me uncomfortable i will BLOCK yew!!!!!1!!!1!1!1!!! TITLE


alex g laufey mitski beabadoobee ricky montgomery luvwillow rebzyyx peace salvia path marina ayesha erotica millionaires dazey and the scouts destroy boys big thief hot freaks sex bob-omb weezer scott pilgrim by plumtree yasu club by lucy bedroque bimbo doll by tila tsoli harness your hopes by pavement molly by midless self indulgence im so sick by flyleaf mamas boy by dominic fike narcissistic presonality by odetari it girl by aliyahs interlude what you want astreia literally any msi songTITLE


studio ghibli moves TITLE


pbs kids cartoon network disneyXD TITLE


hooky 1 2 n 3 tbhk books animal crossing books TITLE


batman (me) TITLE

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Booty Bandit of the West

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this profile is rather homosexual

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stfu b4 i lidally pull a gio on u

by jaydenn!!!!!(✿◠‿◠)·.; ; Report


by Booty Bandit of the West; ; Report

Jack!! (I'm a magical girl)

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What is goodie my gang

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my stinker dootie bootie :3

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