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Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Online Reviews, spending time with my friends and/or family etc.


☀ Michael Jackson
☀ Rock Music (especially Heavy Metal but I also enjoy regular rock, hard rock, glam rock, grunge, nu metal and many other subgenres)
☀ Disco
☀ 80s Music
☀ 90s Music
☀ 00s Music
☀ Eurodance
☀ Old R'n'B
☀ Jazz
☀ Blues
☀ Soul
☀ Funk
☀ Classic Music (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach etc.)


☀ Back to the Future
☀ Black Snake Moan
☀ Forrest Gump
☀ The Harry Potter Film Series (6 to 8 are where the movies got weaker though)
☀ The Snyderverse Movies (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder's Justice League etc.)
☀ The X-Men Film Series (except for Dark Phoenix👎)
☀ Phantom of the Opera (2004)
☀ Titanic
☀ The Lion King
☀ The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
☀ Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy
☀ George Lucas' Star Wars Film Series (Episode 1 to 6)
☀ Indiana Jones 1 to 4


☀ Duck Tales
☀ The Simpsons
☀ Doctor Who (RTD Era)
☀ Torchwood
☀ SpongeBob SquarePants (Season 1 to 3)
☀ Yu-Gi-Oh!
☀ Dragonball
☀ Being Ian
☀ Alfred J. Kwak
☀ Little Britain
☀ The Benny Hill Show


☀ The Harry Potter Book Series (the 7th book is my personal favorite!)


☀ Michael Jackson
☀ George Lucas
☀ Steven Spielberg
☀ James Rolfe
☀ Cecil Trachenburg
☀ Gareth Van Camp

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About me:

I'm Jack Skyblue. I'm an artist, to be more specific: A writer, director, actor, voice actor etc. etc. I'm also a reviewer who loves fictional media.

I'm best known for shows like "Movie Rehab" (a show where I review movies), "Nudie Rehab" (a show in which I review adult films) and many other videos.

You can check out my videos on Youtube (whenever they allow me to): https://youtube.com/user/jackskybluevevo

or you can watch them on my website: https://jackskyblue.com

You can support me on PATREON: https://patreon.com/jackskyblue

Who I'd like to meet:

☀ George Lucas
☀ Steven Spielberg
☀ James Rolfe
☀ Gareth Van Camp

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