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"Nightmare Eyes"

19, he/it, Iceland, biggest Monster High fan

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♡Drawing♡ ♡gaming♡ ♡music♡ ♡doll collecting♡ ♡Life is Strange♡ ♡ocs♡ ♡night in the woods♡ ♡horror movies♡ ♡monster high♡ ♡homestuck♡ ♡walten files♡ ♡fnaf♡ ♡creepypasta♡ ♡slenderverse♡


♡Harley Poe♡ ♡S3RL♡ ♡Mitski♡ ♡Avril Lavigne♡ ♡Abba♡ ♡The Front Bottoms♡ ♡CarSeatHeadrest♡ ♡They Might Be Giants♡ ♡My Chemical Romance♡ ♡pretty Vicious♡ ♡Tally Hall♡ ♡ghost♡ ♡rammstein♡ ♡Nightwish♡ ♡Nero's Day at Disneyland♡ ♡Crywank♡ ♡AJJ♡


♡Black Christmas♡ ♡Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love♡ ♡Texas Chainsaw Massacre♡ ♡Interstella 5555♡


♡Monster high♡ ♡ROTTMNT♡ ♡Carmen Sandiego(2019)♡ ♡MLP:fim♡ ♡Ever After High♡ ♡bee and puppycat♡ ♡Inside job♡ ♡Breaking bad♡


♡vampire diaries the Manga♡



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About me:

**my name is Arthur! I'm 19 and use He/it! i'm trans and from iceland :3

Who I'd like to meet:

People that share the same interests as me and just cool people in general! Also feel free to PM me anytime!

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RUE, RAMONA's profile picture

I'm not super well-versed in monster high and the like, but you still seem like a really cool person! Thanks for adding me, don't be afraid to message me whenever!

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im glad you think so!! im also a fan of club penguin and i respect your service as an EPF agent!(you are very cool)

by Itchy_Calcium; ; Report


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This is a cool profile!

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thank youu!! i also love your profile!

by Itchy_Calcium; ; Report

neon leon

neon leon's profile picture

ur profile looks socool unfortunately i don’t think it’s possible for u to be the biggest monster high fan cuz I am ;3 thx 4 the add !

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Lol awwwe thanks!!! I love your layout aswell!! Hmmm idk if that's right, maybe we can share said title ;b

by Itchy_Calcium; ; Report

deal !! who’s ur fav MH character?

by neon leon; ; Report

Heath burns 100% most of my mh fanart is of him lol but my fav ghoul is cleo<3
What about yours?

by Itchy_Calcium; ; Report

⨂ maikol

⨂ maikol 's profile picture

tysm for the add!!! u seem so cool aaakhjg- :DDD feel free to IM me or add my discord if u wanna talk !!

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Aaaa thank youu!!! you ALSO seem so cool! :0 when i have the chance ill see if i can add you on disc!!

by Itchy_Calcium; ; Report


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thx for the add . you seem cool

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no prob and thx!

by Itchy_Calcium; ; Report