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"On the internet, everyone knows you're an alien"

21, he/him, please don't friend if you use tone tags

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Programming, robots, drawing, rom hacks, web development, wolves


Patient Zero, Lemon Demon, Creature Feature, Mother Mother, Nero's Day at Disneyland, MCR


Pokemon (especially Legends:Arceus, Black and White, and Mystery Dungeon), Ace Attorney, FNaF, Slime Rancher


Ask a Mortician, ChilledChaos, RTGame, Kyle Hill, CallMeKevin, Blameitonjorge, Quinton Reviews


Yesterweb, text, Pokemon Aaah!, Your World of Text, Furby Autopsy, Marginalia Search, Melonking, Cameron's World


I can't figure out what to put here

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About me:

Some 21 year old Irken/Umbreon otherkin, furry, soulbonder, and general weirdo who likes programming and hates the modern internet.

Who I'd like to meet:

Other adults preferably.

Other furries, alterhumans, soulbonders, people in systems, or anyone who shares my interests in general would be rad.

No one radfem, kff/kinnie, or anti-endogenic please.

If you call people kinnies in general, fuck off.

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H3y!!! I like Umbreons too!!! :>

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hell yeah!

by Ms Myspace; ; Report


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hi!! if you were a can of monster what flavor would u be??

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I'm actually still trying out all the flavors because the store sell out so much but probably nitro or zero ultra, how about you?

by Ms Myspace; ; Report

i feel that. i love like, the bang swirlypop flavor but we neverrr have it where im at. im probably a can of ultra violet. why??? no idea lol.

by Xx_fable_xX; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?


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thx 4 the add x333

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