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ira!!|17|furry|nb mlm|any prns :3

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(HOMECOMING) Morenatsu, Madoka Magica/Magia Record, Magical Girl Raising Project, Azumanga Daioh, and Nichijou have my heart forever <3 I also playing furry visual novels and collecting Rainbow/Shadow High, LOL OMG, and Monster High dolls!


I listen to a lot! Pinkpantheress, Ice Spice, Nicki Minaj(a little), Mother Mother, MARINA, BABYMETAL, and Poppy is just some of what's in my playlists :) Go stream Heaven Knows!!


I hardly ever watch movies lawl... The Puss in Boots movie was fire and I haven't watched the FNAF Movie...


TV is soooooooooo old but I LOOOOOOVE Total Drama!!


i cant read



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Nifty link to this music!


Hi!! You can call me Ira, or Felix! I'm 17, I live in NYC, I'm latino (El Salvador and Puerto Rico WOO!!!), and I'm a proud furry!! I'm super into doing hair :3 I kinda wanna pursue it in life, or maybe smth related to Latino culture! I've always found it suuuper interesting and a great way to learn more about what makes me... me! I'm also enby and mlm, don't ask me how, it just makes sense in my head :3 I idenfity as literally whatever you see me as i do not care

I am Pinkpantheress' biggest fan ever, you dont even know. All those people calling her their wife in her comments are weird I'm just normal but DAMN I love her songs. My favorite song of hers is I Must Apologize but the old versions of Capable Of Love, both versions of Ophelia, and Feelings are AMAZING songs!!!!! She's just so talented and looking at her media presence shes so relatable too! I can't wait for her to really make it big :) STREAM HEAVEN KNOWS!!!

I fucking love Homecoming: Morenatsu Revisited so much its not funny. I am that game's strongest soldier, I'll defend this game until I die. I haaate og Morenatsu though, ESPECIALLY Shun's route and what happens in it. It's a shame, since I relate to him a lot, and og Morenatsu is the only one ppl tend to talk about and make fanart of, which is super sad, so I settle for art and stuff from it, but pls keep in mind I DON'T SUPPORT IT!! I only like the characters, not the game itself, it's dead anyways lmao but yeah. Go play Homecoming, it's a fan remake that's way better and addresses the problems the old game had while still keeping the charm of all the characters and all that good stuff! I fucking love Soutarou, even though his route ISN'T FINISHED... I also played Shin's route and loved it, and I def gotta play Juuichi's route sometime :) I need a new update *frothing at mouth*


Any furries for sure :DD!! Mostly anyone who shares interests with me!! I love talking abt stuff LMAO
I'd say I wanna meet other Morenatsu fans, but a lot of them are weird or defend the original game which is... Offputting!! But if you like Homecoming and want to talk about it , hmu!!! :)
..... and obviously Pinkpantheress and Ice Spice. duh
If I added you out of nowhere, I probably liked your PFP or something!!

Who I'd like to meet:

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silas ☆

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u seem rly kewl !! ty 4 accepting :)

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SO DO U!!!! ur welcome :DDDDD

by ira !!; ; Report


by silas ☆; ; Report

Legacy Wolf

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Thank you a lot for adding back!! :3

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yw!! u seemed pretty cool so i was like why not lol :)))

by ira !!; ; Report