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"crawling into myself"

19, he नार्लु , queer, south asian + white

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biology + chem, geisha culture, collecting trinkets + antiques, religious imagery/ iconography, art in all its forms, cooking, literature + poetry, the strange n macabre, body mods, old video games, history + archeology, true crime, analog horror, dumb men


lamp, ichiko aoba (✩), aphex twin, beastie boys, joe hisaishi, mitski, laufey, outkast, takashi kokubo, mac demarco, hayley heynderickx, kaede, bright eyes, lisa ono, susumu yokota, weyes blood, serani poji


cosmology of kyoto, the amnesia games, resident evil, little big planet, bayonetta, dead space, silent hill, fnaf, loz, fear + hunger, minecraft, street fighter, mario kart + super mario bros, fatal frame, the forest, the sims, tlou, portal, rdr, elden ring, splatoon, final fantasy, devil may cry, guilty gear


interstellar, children of the sea, paprika, jin-roh, perfect blue, tokyo godfather, colorful, every ghibli movie EVER (✩ kiki's delivery service, the secret world of arrietty + the tale of the princess kaguya), everything everywhere all at once, the shawshank redemption, call me chihiro, the truman show


the makanai: cooking for the maiko house, adventure time, tawog, ergo proxy, extraordinary attorney woo, cowboy bebop, dorohedoro, princess jellyfish, fooly cooly, rick and morty, our planet I + II


memoirs of a geisha, innocent + innocent rouge, snow flower and the secret fan, veil, dorohedoro..again, pilgrim, homunuclus, yotsuba, akira, berserk, all of junji ito's work, alien 9, haibane renmei, emanon, girl in hyacinth blue


ayano takano, yoshitomo nara, ichiko aoba, takato yamamoto + moyoco anno!!!

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About me:

guy with crazy long hair and possible mind reading abilities,
i'm like a slightly insane wizard

if u look hard enough you'll find me at the furthest corner of an ancient library or maybe at the bottom of a well in hopes of being mistaken for a gold coin!

currently posting from a hole inside of a tree, service is bad out here sorry...

Transparent Yellow Star

Who I'd like to meet:

erm no one in particular, just cool people with similar interests to me. or we could be totally different, doesn't matter! if ur not at least a tiny bit strange then what are u even still doing here...

DO NOT friend me if: ur under 17/ you don't have your age anywhere in ur profile.

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alienoforces's profile picture

thank you so much for the friend request! you have a beautiful profile and a wonderful taste in music. you seem super super cool!

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thank u! you have awesome taste too! we have a lot in common, its silly

by lotus; ; Report


MC's profile picture

Ur page is so soothing! Like a field of clover on a cool spring day

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man that's so kind of you to say, thank you! the big old millipede on ur page is the sweetest, let it know i say hi

by lotus; ; Report


sir_paladin's profile picture

ur profile is so beautifullll T_T

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thank u!!! i love ur profile, so cozy

by lotus; ; Report


chuuwrldz's profile picture

i love ur profile!!

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thank u! i love urs too, so silly

by lotus; ; Report


sol's profile picture

thank you for the add, i adore your profile aesthetic!

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thank you! i love your profile too, the colours are awesome

by lotus; ; Report

aaron !

aaron !'s profile picture

TY FOR THE ADD!! Ur literally the coolest ever! I love ur layout so much :] also Memoirs of a Geisha is an incredible book !

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THANK U! i like ur layout a lot too, yay green. It is!!! one of my favourites for sure

by lotus; ; Report


toasty's profile picture

TY for the add!!

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vi's profile picture

ty for the add, i luv your page! so cute<3 and you have a wonderful taste in moviesss, i adore kikis delivery service! :3

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thank u! i love yours too. kikis delivery service is such a feel good movie, i could watch it over n over again

by lotus; ; Report


rosenzweig's profile picture

messed up that you don't have mononoke (tv series) in your liked list

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u know what, it's purely bc i haven't finished it yet n feel like a fraud if i mention it. crazy that you'd know to bring it up though...are u in my walls be honest

by lotus; ; Report

you have specific vibes. also, based jin-roh fan + finish mononoke so you can watch the movie that's coming out next year. redo your walls, i don't want to share my space with rats and termites

by rosenzweig; ; Report

i fucking love jin-roh, i have a jin-roh poster on my wall that's miserably peeling at the corners bc its been there for so long. movie! i will finish it asap, promise. reminder that they're my walls...beggars can't be choosers, get to know your new best buds

by lotus; ; Report

holy shit WHERE did you get the poster from?? i'm assuming you're from india since you know hindi and i would kill for a jin-roh poster... thought there would be more merch in aus because it's right next to jp and has a more weeby culture than india but NOTHING

tu casa mi casa you should be more hospitable

by rosenzweig; ; Report

i made it, no way in hell i'd ever manage to find jin-roh merch get realll. no i live in canada! and it's actually konkani not hindi...an indian language specific to a certain state. i honestly don't think you'd be able to find jin-roh merch anywhere other than in japan bc it doesn't get much attention..lame.
my bad, would you like me to find you a tiny wall-width sized armchair?

by lotus; ; Report

OH damn i've only grown up with hindi i forgot there's other languages using the same script... printing out your own posters sounds good, but i'd refuse to put them up because rented apartments don't feel like home

while we're at it please also toss in a television (has to be wide-screen flat tv to fit in the wall)

by rosenzweig; ; Report

man i've only ever lived in rented properties, if i didn't pick one and call it home then i'd never have any space of my own...i can guarantee every single one of my posters will rip a copious amount of paint off of my rented walls when i move but thats a future problem

i'll see what i can do..not sure where you'd plug it in, ur gonna have to ask those rats how they've been watching their cable

by lotus; ; Report

it's ok i live like i hate myself so i don't decorate my walls

iwwill shootyou an IM later to talk about entertainment n media if that's ok because our tastes are a little similar

by rosenzweig; ; Report

you’ve condemned yourself to a bleak life…ur poor poor walls

of course! im abt to head to bed but i will get back to u tomorrow for sure. actually i’ll add u on disc in case you’d rather talk there..the spacehey messaging system drives me slightly fucking mad

by lotus; ; Report


anzu's profile picture

SCREAMS oh my god ur profile is literally perfect...!!!!! alzo innocent n homunculus reader. u are so awesome

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THANK U!! i adoreee ur prof sm, so silly. and omg! i hardly ever meet anyone who knows abt em too, thats so awesome

by lotus; ; Report


amuaaia's profile picture

Thank u for the add!! WOOOH ANOTHER INNOCENT READER + ICHIKO AOBA LISTENER!!! Am still in the progress of reading innocent rogue but i just rlly love how over the top innocent is and the art is just so gorgeous <33

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HURRAY!!! and yeah me too! im so close to finishing but im not there yet...ur right though its so so beautiful and well thought out I LOVE IT SM

by lotus; ; Report


vampireempire's profile picture

thanks for the add!!! and RAHHHH YOSHITOMO NARA 💪💪💪💪

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YOSHITOMO NARA!!! ur icon drew me in, i cant resist yoshitomo nara

by lotus; ; Report


ALEX's profile picture

I enjoy you old coot

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i never want to see you here again

by lotus; ; Report

chewyghoul ✿

chewyghoul ✿'s profile picture

i love your profile layout! its very visually appealing to me :D ive recently started watching the makanai: cooking for the maiko house, what do you think of it?

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i love yours too! so silly. I LOVE IT! its so relaxing and the cinematography is so so beautiful, i love slice of life shows so much n plus i obsess over geisha culture..so it's the perfect

by lotus; ; Report


CLYDE's profile picture

wonderfully readable and beautiful profile theme <3 hopefully we get to talk moar

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thank you! im glad you think so..i looove ur profile, so much awesome imagery. and yeah totally! i hope so too

by lotus; ; Report


lee's profile picture

I LOVE FEAR AND HUNGER WHAA!!! which one are you playing ?! so cool to see another fan :)

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OMG! my stupid laptop wont run either..so neither yet, but ive watched sooo many video essays n playthroughs of both. what abt you! which r u playing?

by lotus; ; Report


Rabi!'s profile picture

FEAR AND HUNGERRRRXGAGAHFHF im planning on playing it soon!!! >_< it looks so good

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THE FUNGER!!! please do it is so awesome

by lotus; ; Report


pepsi's profile picture

Your profile is really cool and cute.

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thank u! i like urs too...nice and clean

by lotus; ; Report

Thank you so much ♡

by pepsi; ; Report


BecuzCody's profile picture

thx 4 the add

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Bobo Roblox

Bobo Roblox's profile picture

x']c Aawwaw!! Thank you so much for the add, aa!! We share so many interests, woa,,

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omg that is so awesome sauce

by lotus; ; Report