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20th century physics, nixon + jfk's presidencies, persona :D, film (especially old horror), computers + coding, dolls (esp monster high + barbie + licca-chan), bass, jerma, yu-gi-oh


talking heads, david byrne, smashing pumpkins, lcd soundsystem, oingo boingo, limp bizkit, death grips


the hebrew hammer, true stories, stop making sense, re-animator, dr strangelove, oppenheimer, scott pilgrim vs the world, the "taxi" franchise, entre nous, anatomy of a fall, star wars (original trilogy), amélie, superbad


community, succession, sailor moon, rpdr, the....the big bang theory (sweats), malcolm in the middle, dexter, star trek


all persona games, jet set radio, dark souls/bloodborne/elden ring, sonic, mario kart, roblox, zelda, resident evil, littlebigplanet, minecraft!!!


persona 2:
maya amano, tatsuya suou, jun kurosu

persona 3:
minako arisato, fuuka yamagishi, aigis, ryoji mochizuki, yukari takeba, junpei iori

persona 4:
chie satonaka, marie

persona 5:
futaba sakura, goro akechi, hifumi togo

amy rose, tails, cream, blaze

ashley graham (resident evil 4), data (star trek), sackboy (littlebigplanet), knives chau (scott pilgrim), kim pine (scott pilgrim), kotomi ichinose (clannad), maya fey (ace attorney), fizzy (my little pony G1), dark magician girl (yu-gi-oh), beaker (the muppets), agitha (twilight princess), velma (scooby doo)

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About me:

hey!! i'm jex, i'm 18 + my pronouns are he/him!

i'm non-binary, queer + asexual ^__^

birthday 7th march (pisces sun, aquarius moon, gemini rising)

intp. every autism guy on television gets criticised for being stereotypical but thats actually what im like

i speak spanish and english fluently (or i like to think i can lol), i have very basic japanese + korean knowledge

my fursona is called jequito - i'll make a toyhouse page for him soon!


Who I'd like to meet:

my friends!!

  • theó :P
  • herin B)
  • jay :D
  • stu x3
  • telesto!!1!! :]
  • andrew <3
  • dylan xP
  • dean ^__^

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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💖 ✨

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Sweet profile!

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ElkCX ☘︎

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Lovee your profile sm!!

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hii oomfie

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hiii im so embarrassed rn my page is half empty

by jex; ; Report

omg its looking cutie so far tho very vibrant

by chismosnya; ; Report