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"being me :D"

being cringe is cool

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Fandoms: Homestuck, Splatoon, Object Shows, FNAF, Wandersong, ONAF, Problem Sleuth, Poptropica, Undertale/Deltarune, Smiling Friends, FNF, Portal, Shovelware's Brain Game, Pokemon, Clone High, Animation Vs Animator, D1ckfigures, Blockhead, Warrior Cats, ATHF || General interests: Drawing, skating, writing, biking, sewing, animating, coding, studying the old web, browsing the Internet Archive for old stuff


Toby Fox, The Living Tombstone, Perfume, Disko Warp, Lemon Demon, Yuno Miles (Ironically), Destroy Boys, Weezer, Dazey and the Scouts, Yabujin, Vocaloid


The Lego Movie, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters, Aqua Teen Forever: Phantasm


Gravity Falls, Smiling Friends, ATHF


Warriors: Into the Wild, Problem Sleuth Vol. 5: Sepulchritude (BEST PS VOL IMO)


Wheatley From Portal 2, The Mooninites from ATHF.

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About me:

heyyyy im inky i use he/him pronouns blahgeh blaugh talk 2 me abt portal and/or homestuck pls :D feel free 2 add me btw!! discord is inkysplash#6041 if u ever wana add me 4 some reason 


Who I'd like to meet:

people that share the same interests as me!!! also any homestuck/problem sleuth/portal/athf fans (those r all my main hyperfixations rn)

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I like your profile!

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thanks!!! :D

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