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scream franchise, ghostface overall, alternative rock, old web, creepypasta, early 2000's era, cry of fear, flash games, vintage stuff, getting high, early classic roblox, roadside attractions, animatronics, dead malls


ice nine kills, green day, miracle musical, mother mother, tally hall, MARINA, lemon demon, gorillaz, ghost, linkin park, MCR, exodia, hollywood undead, oingo boingo, neros day at disneyland


scream 1996, batman, alien, halloween, chucky, spree, kids animated movies


columbo, full house, rick n morty, smiling friends, tawog, happy tree friends, otgw, adventure time, ghost files (yt), gmm (yt), old boomerang cartoons. a bunch of random cartoons from anything cartoon network to adult swim


i dont read too much ngl


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About me:

im just some guy that likes to be on my puter. i love slasher movies and halloween stuff. im queer. imagine like a grungy looking stoner nerd, that's me also im a little weird... i guess everyone is tho Cool Neon Green Outer Glow Pointer

Who I'd like to meet:

im just here to chill and have fun meeting people with similar interests! im nice i dont bite, message me anytime. im a bit of an awkward guy so its probably best to already have a question or topic you wanna talk about with me. looking for any kind of relationship, just ask

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Vincent Wren

Vincent Wren's profile picture

I love the whole layout and everything (;Д;)

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thank you sm dude!! i absolutely love the staticky camera background of yours

by ijokichi; ; Report

I know right I just love found footage stuff

by Vincent Wren; ; Report


punkboyellie<3's profile picture

i love you marry me jk jk
btw you're super cool

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aww thank you!!! //^ ^// you seem super cool too! dont be afraid to send me a message if you wanna talk, im always down to chat

by ijokichi; ; Report


pesco's profile picture

thanks for the ad! :D, you have a KILLER taste in movies btw (pun intended)

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thank you so much dude!! thought your interests were cool af!

by ijokichi; ; Report

omgee tysm!! :DD urs are as well!

by pesco; ; Report

𖤐 CJ 𖤐

𖤐 CJ 𖤐's profile picture

Hiiii! luv your layout sm! (btw i stole a ghostface blinkie :>)

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thank you man!! np go ahead ^^ glad to see more ghostfaces

by ijokichi; ; Report

okie ty, And im glad to see you too :)

by 𖤐 CJ 𖤐; ; Report


</SHALLOWBONES>'s profile picture

those roblox game images brouught me such nostalgia thank you for this

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god i miss old roblox so much, big childhood nostalgia :,,(

by ijokichi; ; Report

they brought such joy.. god the imagination we had back then, I MISS it

by </SHALLOWBONES>; ; Report

it was so simple too! it also wasnt a huge cash grab like it is now, sure it had the memberships n stuff but you didnt need it to have fun. it was just a cool experimental game for kids online. also all the shirts and pants were free back then or just cost tix, which i think tix is gone now

by ijokichi; ; Report

oh my god tix!! yeah i LOVED tix but yeah...hasnt been a thing since 2016

I miss games being just meant to be fun and simple GAH im having such a nostlagia crisis rn

by </SHALLOWBONES>; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture


If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

=> FunHouseRadio.com

We're playing our "normal" mix right now. Check back in December for the most insane holiday mix available anywhere.

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thanks ill take a look at it!

by ijokichi; ; Report


by Wacky Alex; ; Report


aninight's profile picture

UR SO COOL !!! i love sally face so much ..

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youre cool!!! thank you sm for the accept ^^!

by ijokichi; ; Report

np np!! :DD

by aninight; ; Report

♠ Ĺ𝒾ⓛŁy♠

♠ Ĺ𝒾ⓛŁy♠'s profile picture

Tysm for accepting my friend request you seem really cool and yeah :')
Hope I get to kinda know ya (':

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thanks i hope i get to know u better too!! :D

by ijokichi; ; Report

Perty T̸h̸e̷ ̶V̸i̵r̷t̸u̴a̵l̶ ̷S̷i̶n̶g̷e̵r̴

Perty T̸h̸e̷ ̶V̸i̵r̷t̸u̴a...'s profile picture

💖 ✨

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by ijokichi; ; Report

Halo guy

Halo guy's profile picture

You seem like a cool dude so your welcome for the add :')

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thanks dude! :D

by ijokichi; ; Report


pyxzie's profile picture

hiya !!! i saw ur ghostface pfp and i had to add lolol ^^ im aoife, its super nice 2 meet u!!

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ayyy!! thank u for the add, nice to meet u too!! ^O^

by ijokichi; ; Report

u seem rly cool, is it alright if i get to know you?

by pyxzie; ; Report

yeah sure! go ahead and msg me

by ijokichi; ; Report