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Safdie Brothers, Coen Brothers, Mario Brothers


Watching Sopranos for the first time. Oh and Succession blew me away!


Right now: everything Knausgård


Ah no, not into that show!

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Lol don't report me! I'm cool haha

The weather is crazy af it feels like we're in spring.

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Oh yeah, everyone with a slug on their picture is cool in my eyes :D So how is your week going so far? I am stuck in a 10 hour train ride and try to get by somehow lol

by Ihsan; ; Report


♡𝙰𝚜𝚑𝚑𝚑♡'s profile picture

Hows ur weekend been?! x

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Hey you! Its been pretty chill so far, nothing too crazy lol How sbout you? Any cool plans for today?

by Ihsan; ; Report

it's already 10:18pm for me and im seriously dreading to go back to work tomorrow. I honestly haven't done anything this weekend, just been home and being unproductive LOL!

by ♡𝙰𝚜𝚑𝚑𝚑♡; ; Report

Johnny Scene

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Thanks for accepting my request! I’m new here and just trying to build my friend list and see what everyone’s into.

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Hey Johnny, nice to meet you! I am always keen to hear from former MySpace users :D Those were the times!

by Ihsan; ; Report

Those were the times indeed! Now that we have the platform back, I gotta find a way to get my hair back lol. Cheers!

by Johnny Scene; ; Report

Man, I know that struggle too well. But hey, in Germany we have this saying: a beautiful face needs more space!

by Ihsan; ; Report

Okay, I’m totally stealing that one!

by Johnny Scene; ; Report


♡𝙰𝚜𝚑𝚑𝚑♡'s profile picture

Just wanted to pop over and show your page some love teehee :P Have a good day Ihsan! xx

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Thank youuu, really kind (:

by Ihsan; ; Report

✿blush puppy

✿blush puppy's profile picture

thank ya so much!!!! i like yours as well :3

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Haha you are the first to mention 🙆🏾‍♂️ Hope you’re doing well!

by Ihsan; ; Report


Kathleen's profile picture

oh yeah, I'm excessive, but it was fun to make. Thank you for friendship! :D

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Wow big props! My I ask how long it took you to customise your code? Oh and thanks as well (:

by Ihsan; ; Report


Mandi☆Scene's profile picture

Lmao! Not responding fast enough apparently was the first one.

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Damn, hope I don’t get blocked for being toooo slow.

by Ihsan; ; Report

Haha! Well you won't be blocked by me for being too slow

by Mandi☆Scene; ; Report


Jani☆Noir's profile picture

Hey new friend! Thanks for the request.
Have a great weekend.

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Thanks! It's going pretty chill so far, been repoting a plant and later I'll hang with a friend. What are your plans? Is it safe to go out in Italy rn?

by Ihsan; ; Report

not really much for the covid situation here in italy, i made pizza yesterday and watched a movie last night, today is the day of cleaning house and making some cookies.

safe yes because here the movements are limited, but it's still a bad situation here. And how is the situation where you live?

have a wonderful sunday

by Jani☆Noir; ; Report

i noticed right now you are from germany... we can speak german too.

by Jani☆Noir; ; Report

Tatsache! Ich finds schön, dass Du es Dir Zuhause trotz allem gemütlich machst. Hier in NRW verlieren schon alle die Nerven und halten sich nicht an die Beschränkungen usw.

Wie kommts dass Du in Italien gelandet bist, wenn ich fragen darf? Job? Die große Liebe?

by Ihsan; ; Report

meine eltern sind nach italien gezogen als ich noch klein war, also hab ich fast mein ganzes leben hier gelebt :)

ich wuensche dir und deiner familie ein schoenes osterfest

bleibt alle gesund!


by Jani☆Noir; ; Report

sarah ♡

sarah ♡'s profile picture

ooh i have to think!
(i haven't seen soul yet btw! its on my queue though!!)
i recently rewatched the babysitter 2 which is really campy & funny but always a fave!!
you're really making me think here, i haven't watched a new movie in probably a couple of weeks! maybe i should get to soul sooner rather than later!

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Absolutely feel the same. I really miss going to the cinemas with my friends and really experiencing a movie on a different level. Watching at home really isn’t the same and I can’t get myself to watch smth new. Buuut I will check out The Babysitter and tell you what I think!

by Ihsan; ; Report

Karoline Michelle ♥

Karoline Michelle ♥'s profile picture

Thanks for the Add!!

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Sure! Hope you’re having a not-so-bad monday :D

by Ihsan; ; Report

So far so good. I was playing COD lol! Hope your day goes well !

by Karoline Michelle ♥; ; Report

Elijah Bartholomew

Elijah Bartholomew's profile picture

Still haven't seen the cursed Mario Brothers feature thanks for the reminder haha

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Wow man, you are in for a wild ride. It’s really crazy that this film even exists, considering what went wrong during production.

by Ihsan; ; Report

Hell yeah that wtf happened YouTube video essay was pretty gnarly hahahah very very grateful for all the trippy unpolished turds that manage to slip through the studio cracks

by Elijah Bartholomew; ; Report

Action Cat

Action Cat's profile picture

Thanks for the add! :D

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Đ Ξ ₦ I Δ L ™

Đ Ξ ₦ I Δ L  ™'s profile picture

hi!! thanks for the add!
how's your week been?

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Hey bud! Thanks as well :)
Weeks been pretty okayish, it’s freezing cold in Germany right now. Hows your weekend going so far? Oh and greeaaat layout/coding skills you have there! Looks delightful on mobile.

by Ihsan; ; Report

oh i can't handle freezing cold haha
and thank you! ive been working on my layout here and there for the past month. i think im finally happy with it lol

by Đ Ξ ₦ I Δ L ™; ; Report