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About me:

I'm IcyTea. Previously a MySpace User (2007-2008)

I make experiences on a platform called Roblox, maybe you'll find me there someday.

Hope you consider adding me on SpaceHey, too!

Try out my game Blox Cards on Roblox! Over 4000 cards to customize powerful decks!

Here's some art designed by those involved with Blox Cards!

Profile Picture by Jake64

Miss the MySpace Online Status? - Check This!

Who I'd like to meet:

Who I'd like to meet: Anyone as long as they're chill with me.

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mohato's profile picture

Thanks for accepting the frien!! Your game is hella cool but I've yet to play it :D

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DJ FM's profile picture

Thanks for adding me as a friend! 🙏 Check out my latest track EDM/breaks track “Ride” on social media!

Ride on Youtube
Ride on Spotify!

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Always🎄April's profile picture

JUST some Spooktober treats 4U🦇🍬🍎🍫

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lucy 's profile picture

thankyou for the add ! and i'm in love with your profile

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Thomas Federico - Freelance Full-Stack Designer

Thomas Federico - Freelan...'s profile picture

Thanks for the add! Your profile layout is rad 🖥️📋🌆

Have an excellent weekend 🤘

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Perty The Virtual Singer

Perty The Virtual Singer's profile picture

💕 💞

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Lauren's profile picture

Thanks for the add!

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Always🎄April's profile picture

JUST a little groovy picnic for you📻🧀🥖🍉🧺🧋

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Always🎄April's profile picture

JUST some tropical vibes for you🌊🌴🥥🍹

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ʇɐɯ's profile picture

Thanks for the add , btw sick profile 🤙🏻

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ǝılɐʇɐu's profile picture

Thanks for the add :)
cool profile

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Thanks, I like your profile too!

by IcyTea ; ; Report


☆N0I☆'s profile picture

your layout is so clean and eyepleasing omggg

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Thank you very much! I'm still figuring out more ways to customize my profile

by IcyTea ; ; Report


mathep's profile picture

nice layout

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thanks mathep, it's very cool

by IcyTea ; ; Report

Bougie Boshi

Bougie Boshi's profile picture

I love how your page is designed it really pops with color and personality! (゚∀゚)

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Thanks! I'm trying to optimize it too for slower connections and on mobile devices.

by IcyTea ; ; Report


Wa's profile picture

you seem baller af ngl :)

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Thank you very much! Not sure if you've seen me on Roblox before.

by IcyTea ; ; Report


KoinotKoy's profile picture

Cowboy bebop LETS GOOO!!

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See you space cowboy

by IcyTea ; ; Report

Iconic line from an Iconic series

by KoinotKoy; ; Report


Kijrl's profile picture

OMG ICY TEAA. I remember you're not a developer, right?

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by Kijrl; ; Report

Yea something like that, but I'm helping my friends with the card game I've been working on in the Roblox platform.

by IcyTea ; ; Report

I was joking about the viral sound lol. i'll try and checkout the game later :))

by Kijrl; ; Report

Yeah have fun, still gets updated to this day!

by IcyTea ; ; Report


slug's profile picture

Thx for the add!!

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You're welcome, hope things are going well for you on St. Patrick's Day

by IcyTea ; ; Report


Always🎄April's profile picture

THANKS for the add request.You are totally tubular! 🎧

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You're welcome, have a great St. Patrick's Day!

by IcyTea ; ; Report


Elise's profile picture

Hey, you added me and I read your about me and I think we share a lot of the same values, also love your tutorials. Would love to actually become friends

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Thanks, yeah I'm trying to help people out if they want to revisit MySpace nostalgia again.

by IcyTea ; ; Report

I miss myspace so much. Was such a special time tbh. When I'm feeling capable it'll be fun to look through the stuff you've provided. Have often wondered if my myspace knowledge has got me shafted at jobs, just realised I have no idea how to type emojis here (which as a millenial is prob a good thing)

by Elise; ; Report