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"Absolutely done "

An unstable queer ftm

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I draw, write, rp, and do AI covers. I run a youtube channel called Ichika_Draws. I'll probably change it at some point DM me for Rp!! Im taken dont try anything XD


Vocaloid, alt/punk rock, emo, indie, older country GHOST and Pals, mothy-p, Deco *27, Pinocchio-p, Creep-p, RIProducer, VocaCircus, UmbracticForest, Oktavia, Will Stetson, JubyPhonic, TUYU, Ado, Eve, Simple Plan, Seether, TX2, Citizen Solider, Trapt, Disturbed, Puddle Of Mudd, Halocene, Three Days Grace, My Darkest Days, Mother Mother, Aleg G, Cavetown images-3 Project Colorcast (Original Song, Unreleased/Not Recorded)


Harry Potter franchise The Whole Nine (And Ten) Yards Annabelle franchise Conjuring franchise Talk To Me Inside Out Red, White, and Royal Blue Teen Wolf (2023) Maze Runner franchise


HAZBIN HOTEL Helluva Boss Heartstopper TPN Tokyo Ghoul Naruto franchise Ghost Stories Dub MHA The Owl House Amphibia Teen Wolf


The Outsiders The Super Life Of Ben Braver Series


All my friends. You've all saved me LEARN THAT NOWWW Citizen Soldier, TX2, my partners

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About me:

UHHHH He/Him FTM 09/27 !Open to Roleplay! (I can give a link to my UnVale so yall can see my OCs) Learning Japanese and Portuguese (Brazil) "Listen up, the churches giving head to state. Putting countless lives at stake. Diggin' thousands of new graves for children who can't be 'saved!' Bang! Bang! Kill 'em all! Watch a whole country fall! and it's all your fault!!" 5398-D82-F-32-A8-4-A40-B076-FD1-FDED37545

Who I'd like to meet:

I'm going to Canada before I die MARK MY WORDS Certain people need my hugss :3 Citizen Soldier, TX2 (IT'LL HAPPEN ONE DAY)

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NaIsE pRofiL! VaRy cEwL.

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Lol tyyy :D

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yayy even more gnp fanz adding me!1!1!1!!!

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Frr!!! My layout is somewhat inspired by broadcast Illusion!! My oc (Project ColorCast) Is also inspired by Kennith!! :D

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ECHO (uhi)

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πš” 𝚎 πš’ πŸ”ͺ

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aah ur profile is rly amazing!!!!

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Ty!!! :D

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Sappy Lilith

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Gotta say, the layout’s pretty cool
I can taste the orange

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Thank you!! I'm glad you like it! :D

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κ’¦κ’· Freya || DerpoNerpo ΚšπŸ“Ιž

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i love your profile sm ASGFDSFA ghost and pals fan :33

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Ty!! My friend had to help me figure out the layout! I was genuinely shocked and so happy by it

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