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"extremely haunted"

peroxide. 21. nyc.

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i love buffy, coheed, mcr, debut albums, george romero movies, buttons, drawing, my lizard, comics, band tees, all the cool items i own, and a lot of other stuff i can't think of right now.


fall out boy. car seat headrest. my chemical romance. paramore. idkhow. circa survive. shabütie. spitalfield. good sleepy. hey, ily. death spells. panic! at the disco. duster. sugarcult. coheed & cambria. the used. saves the day. modern baseball. the front bottoms. current joys. whirr. surf curse. frank iero. my bloody valentine. anthony green. the smashing pumpkins. mindless self indulgence. beck. the young veins. the promise ring. thursday. lobsterfight. whisperhawk. at the drive-in. the brave little abacus. your arms are my cocoon. superet. pencey prep. the brobecks. saosin. ls dunes. waveform*. leathermouth. study of the lifeless. and more …


Dawn of the Dead (& any Romero film)

Midnight Cowboy

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (and the others)

Army of Darkness (& any Evil Dead film)

My Own Private Idaho

Ghost World

Over The Hedge

Jennifer’s Body

and a lot of others…


Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel!


Perfume - Patrick Süskind

The Umbrella Academy - Gerard Way

Survivor Type - Stephen King

Love & Rockets - Gilbert Hernandez

Eightball - Daniel Clowes

Year of the Black Rainbow & The Amory Wars - Claudio Sanchez

Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palahniuk

Someone Who Isn't Me - Geoff Rickly

& any Kurt Vonnegut book.


you (and Gerard Way)

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About me:

hi. (I blog a lot)

COTF forever!!!<3

nothing & everything is fictional

** thank you forever **

** love you, forever **

summer pumpkin carving

born on a tuesday

neon lit cemeteries

teenage prophets

from a time not yet lived

real aquarian

a total B-


love, loyalty, friendships & poets

in no particular order

so it goes

check out my livejournal ...

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[iamperoxide's concert space]

saw My Chemical Romance SEPTEMBER 4TH & 5TH 2022

saw L.S. DUNES and met Frank Iero NOVEMBER 22ND 2022 ♡♡♡

saw Coheed & Cambria MAY 7TH 2023 - No World For The Waking Mind Neverender >¡<

saw The Front Bottoms MAY 25TH 2023

went to Adjacent Music Festival in Atlantic City NJ (Slaughter Beach Dog, Surf Curse, Thursday, Paramore, L.S. DUNES, Coheed & Cambria) MAY 27TH & 28th 2023

saw Paramore JUNE 8TH 2023

saw L.S. DUNES and met Frank Iero JULY 15TH 2023 ♡

saw Your Arms Are My Cocoon JULY 25TH 2023

saw Fall Out Boy JULY 30TH 2023

saw Thursday and met Geoff Rickly SEPTEMBER 30TH 2023 ♡

saw The Prize Fighter Inferno FEBRUARY 20TH 2024

saw Thursday FEBRUARY 24TH 2024

seeing I Don’t Know How But They Found Me in 1 month!

going to When We Were Young Fest --- Oct 2024

band(s)/artist(s) in my current rotation: coheed & cambria, paramore, iDKHOW

Who I'd like to meet:

honestly? i really want to have a cup of coffee with Amber Benson. and Pete Wentz because i think his name is cool (amongst other things).

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Awesome page!

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by iamperoxide; ; Report

Dani (freak)

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what colour reminds you of April?

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by iamperoxide; ; Report


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fantastic music taste!! 🪳

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:D thanks!

by iamperoxide; ; Report

Xoxo Gloomy 💋

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Thx you for the add! Xx

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np :)

by iamperoxide; ; Report


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your blog gives me life

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aw thanks!!

by iamperoxide; ; Report


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We NEED to besties. omg thx for the add!

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we do....!!! np!!

by iamperoxide; ; Report


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thanku for the add :) you seem rlly cool!

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same 2 u!

by iamperoxide; ; Report

Kennith :3

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Haiiiiii:333 thx 4 adding hru??

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np! im okay!

by iamperoxide; ; Report


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Duster and Current Joys are so good xx

^^ Your layout is amazing!

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they are ^_^ thx!!! urs too!

by iamperoxide; ; Report


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Thanks 4 da Add!!! Your profile was really funny!! XD

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thx :) :p

by iamperoxide; ; Report


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hi mick :D

by iamperoxide; ; Report

wsp dude

by Dani (freak); ; Report

not much :p

by iamperoxide; ; Report

i'm trapped in a library :( ahhhhhhhh

by Dani (freak); ; Report