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"listening to real music(itzy, aespa and LOONA) [STAN LOONAAAAA]"

im so hot

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Don’t be shy, talk to me, I swear I don’t bite(if you don’t want tho)

I wish I was real, but I’m just an internet angel aesthetic asocial hikikomori pillow princess 


Anti-Kanye fans 

R3t4rded as an organge cat 


Bateries eater🍴 


5g sponge 🤤 



  1. Attention by new jeans
  2. Love4eva by yyxy from loona
  3. Singing in the rain by jinsoul from loona
  4. Hi high by loona
  5. Butterfly by loona
  6. Girl front by odd eye circle from loona
  7. Heart attack by chuu from loona
  8. Girls capitalism by triples
  9. Ditto by new jeans
  10. Rewind by twice
  11. Breakthrough by twice
  12. Fancy by twice
  13. Yes or yes by twice
  14. Knock knock by twice
  15. Cheer up by twice
  16. Apple by gfriend
  17. Zero by new jeans
  18. I’ll be there by hyunjin and heejin from loona
  19. So what by loona
  20. Hype boy by new jeans
  21. Birthday cake by bibi 
  22. Bad sad and mad by bibi 
  23. Lucid dream by Aespa 
  24. Set me free by twice
  25. Exlipse by Kim lip 
  26. Winter by SE SO NEON
  27. Fiesta by izone 
  28. Sugarcoat by natty from kiss of life
  29. Automatic (any version of this song lol)
  30. Can’t hide it by 15&
  31. Your plan by jue feat paloalto 
  32. Hope by blood orange, Diddy and tei shi 
  33. Escape room by fromis9
  34. Bother me by chungha 
  35. Minecraft by c418
  36. Beginning by c418
  37. Wet hands by c418
  38. Dry hands by c418
  39. Clark by c418
  40. Sweden by c418
  41. Mice on Venus by c418
  42. Haggstorm by c418
  43. Moog city by c418
  44. Island song from the adventure time ost 
  45. Im just your problem from the adventure time ost
  46. Everything stays from the adventure time ost
  47. Black sheep from the Scott pilgrim ost
  48. Being human from the Steven universe ost
  49. Concepcion by Los prisioneros
  50. Estilo libre by liricistas



Scott pilgrim 

Crave of the fireflies


Spirited away 


Scott pilgrim anime

Adventure time

My little pony


Tender is flesh.


Me, myself and i




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About me:

  • Im almost 18 years old
  • Non-binar
  • Im 173cms tall
  • Im Chilean 
  • My pronouns are: she/her, he/him and they/them
  • I talk allat
  • Im funny
  • I do allat of things

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