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"mochi is really yummy!"

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anime/manga, art, film, cats, vampires, yanderes, menhera, cybercore (or any cyber aesthetic), webcore, animecore, yamikawaii, vtubers, food, fantasy, fairytales, alice in wonderland, kaomoji ヾ(•ω•`)o, touhou, gacha, kirby, yuri, hyperpop, mahou shoujo, nightcore, breakcore, 2000s aesthetics, photo editing, ball jointed dolls, butterflies, divination, astrology, pixel art, autumn, lolita, harajuku street fashion, chococat, gloomy bear, kink, drawing, fairycore, unxxi, gremlincore, kandi, collecting stuffed animals + figures, makeup, dress up


4s4ki, 8485, 9tails, aldn, ali project, arai tasuku, ashnikko, aviva, avril lavgine, arvun, au/ra, bad wolf, bella poarch, billie eilish, coldspades, corpse, crywolf, digital daggers, dj satomi, echos, elliot lee, ellise, fit for rivals, flyleaf, get scared, girl in red, hatsuki yura, in love with a ghost, iosys, jessie paege, kanon wakeshima, lacey sturm, live like glass, lil nas x, melanie martinez (crybaby - afterschool), mili, moe shop, my chemical romance, nadda mercenary, nano, neoni, new years day, nf, nine lashes, pierce the veil, reol, ruelle, scene queen, set it off, shinigami, siouxxie/slaywithme, snail's house, stars in stereo, sub urban, the crane wives, the gazette, the living tombstone, three days grace, varien, XG, yohio, yousei teikoku


alice in wonderland (2010), disney descendants, tangled, nimona, into the spiderverse, coraline, the chronicles of narnia, barbie, puss in boots: the last wish, miraculous ladybug the movie, mean girls, scream, jennifer's body, vampire academy


(tv:) 🌸 arcane, miraculous ladybug, the owl house, monster high, sofia the first, wednesday, lockwood & co, carmen sandiego, heartstopper, witcher, helluva boss, hazbin hotel (anime:) 🌸 vampire knight, toilet bound hanako kun, cardcaptor sakura, chuunibyou, accel world, kakegurui, kanon (2006), rozen maiden, kamisama no memo-chou, magical girl lyrical nanoha, selector infected WIXOSS, aikatsu, lycoris recoil, black rock shooter, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya


(novels:) throne of glass, the rosewood chronicles, the lunar chronicles, shadow falls, red queen, the cruel prince, six of crows, renegades, the haunting of sunshine girl ☁ (manga:) vampire knight, chobits, alice 19th, tbhk, merupuri, pandora hearts, heart no kuni no alice, sinoalice, yuri espoir, saint cecilia and pastor lawrance ☁ (webcomics:) the crawling city, ava's demon, gently raised beast, cursed princess club, lumine, muted, lalin's curse, aerial magic, always human, devil's candy, eggnoid, empyrea, cat loaf adventures, sarce clover, die wonder, rise from ashes, brimstone and roses, freaking romance


(viddy games instead) ✦ (games I play:) valorant, genshin impact, sun haven, minecraft, splatoon 3, love nikki dress up queen, overcooked, tower of fantasy ✦ (games I enjoy:) dishonored (2), alice madness returns, bioshock, child of light, night in the woods, silent hill, myhouse.wad ✦ (pixel rpg games:) pocket mirror, dreaming mary, lieat, faust's alptraum, aria's story, mad father, ib

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About me:

はじめまして! 勇気 です。
yuki 🌸 24 🌸 she/they
scorpio sun in 12th, gemini moon in 7th and scorpio rising
INFP ✦ RDHX ✦ OSWI ✦ true neutral in philosophy + chaotic neutral in practice ✦ 4w3 748 ✦ choleric ✦ jasmine tree ✦ life path 8
bisexual 🌸 panromantic 🌸 nonbinary 🌸 multigender 🌸 systemfluid
ADHD ✦ polyfrag DID ✦ OCD ✦ depression ✦ social anxiety ✦ definitely other undiagnosed stuff
I'm learning japanese, but i'm not japanese
ask for my tumblr, everskies and discord
layout by tilapia

Who I'd like to meet:

18+ friends, preferably girlies so me and my bestie, can all hang out together. if you're queer and/or into witchcraft, please be my friend 💜

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This is a cool profile!

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hiii thanks for adding me, sorry for taking so long to accept ^^ <333

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its okay, we all busy

by yuki rosemoon; ; Report


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I love your layout!! and u seem to be a little busters fan as well?
Yuiko is my fave!!

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i do love it! but i haven't yet finished it. i tend to lose my place by watching more anime at once, but i enjoy a lot of the kyoto ani/KEY style. Also I relate a lot to Rin. so its perfect :>

by yuki rosemoon; ; Report


Starx's profile picture

AHHH! Thx 4 the add ur layout is so cool and I love ur pfp <3 :3

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thank u thank u!! i edited the icon meself but i appreciate the kind words!! <3

by yuki rosemoon; ; Report


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hiii, thankyou for the add!!(*^▽^*)!! im so in love with your profile aaaa <333, you seem to be super cool (≧∇≦)ノ

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thank u!! u seem very cool too!! ヾ(≧▽≦*)o <333

by yuki rosemoon; ; Report


𝑚𝑎𝘩𝑜𝑢𝑡𝑜's profile picture

profile so cute as always bestie <33

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thank u bestie o((>ω< ))o ♪(´▽`)

by yuki rosemoon; ; Report

suddenly, kittens!

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hi there! nice to meet you!! :3 hope you're having a lovely day!

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hihi!! my day is good! thank u! i love ur vibe, and ur icon is so cute n funny :> q(≧▽≦q)

by yuki rosemoon; ; Report

aw thank you ^^ you seem super cool! :D do you wanna chat? i have contact info on my profile!! (click the pudding)

by suddenly, kittens!; ; Report


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thank u for friending me!! i love ur profile :>

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Why thank u >:3 !! Ur very cool too!! (*´▽`*)b

by yuki rosemoon; ; Report