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⸺⠀if nobody hurt, then nobody had that much to gain⠀♪

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hawks bnha ☆ ⠀ psychology ⠀ crystals ⠀ music ⠀ animanga / manhwa ⠀ web design ⠀ htmlcss ⠀ fnaf ⠀ warrior cats ⠀ netflix ⠀ tetris ⠀ zodiacs ⠀ creepypasta ⠀ analog horror ⠀ video essays ⠀ suicide boy


indie rock, pop, hyperpop, alternative ― wallows ⠀ sidney gish ⠀ taylor swift ⠀ between friends ⠀ fall out boy ⠀ alex g ⠀ jack stauber ⠀ paramore ⠀ carwash ⠀ dayglow ⠀ the killers ⠀ coin ⠀ no doubt ⠀ olivia rodrigo ⠀ melanie martinez ⠀ ajr


scream ⠀ hereditary ⠀ talk to me ⠀ the menu ⠀ annabelle ⠀ the conjuring ⠀ it (2017) ⠀ poltergeist ⠀ smile ⠀ the black phone ⠀ scott pilgrim vs. the world ⠀ nimona ⠀ hot fuzz ⠀ the world's end ⠀ venom (2019) ⠀ what we do in the shadows


flight of the conchords ⠀ what we do in the shadows ⠀ star trek


science fiction ⠀ realistic fiction ⠀ fantasy ⠀ dystopian ⠀ manga ⠀ manhwa


hawks bnha ☆ ⠀ lee hooni ⠀ maia arson crimew

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About me:

hi, you can call me kieran, quinn, or logan! i'm amab and use he and neopronouns. i identify with the labels gay and aroacespec. i'm 15 (12.08), diagnosed with bpd and autism. my known typology is enfp 4w5 so/sx sanguine-melancholic eii-o & more... i'm pretty socially anxious and i mostly use spacehey to practice my css skills, but feel free to reach out and say hi! my special interest is the character hawks from my hero academia, i'm his no1 fan ♡

Who I'd like to meet:

other lgbtq+ people, people with cool layouts... honestly anyone who wants to interact! i prefer to keep distance from those under 14, hazbin hotel/helluva boss fans, & dream smp fans, sorry.

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kayden o_O🦈

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i love your bundlrs - easy to read and nice on my eyes!!! :")

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THANK YUUUU i love ur profile so much....

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