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I AM SICK N TIRED..!!! Of Big Energy favoring profit over quality and making energy drinks loaded with jitters, maltodextrin filler, artificial colors and dyes, sugars, and other BS (Take a peek yourself on their nutrition label... BROTHER..!!) Me and My Brother Dubby Energy..!! ARE FED UP..!! With these types of energy drinks and decided to wage THE BIGGEST WAR..!! On Big Energy..!! By releasing our own energy drinks which are cleaner and jitter & crash free.. BROTHER..!!! Here's to paving the road for a better future for energy drinks...!!! Where the status quo is no longer profits > quality. Where quality matters..!! Where energy drinks don't get a bad rap for being "unhealthy" and harmful to consume..!! Will you stand with us Brother..?!? - HH Use My Code "MustacheBrothers" At Check-Out When you want 10%!! OFF!! When You Buy With Dubby BROTHER! - HH


Rock, Alt Rock, R&B, Lyrical Rap, Country, Sinatra Type Music, anything except screamo heavy metal rock or any modern rap that sounds like toilet sounds like all the "lil" rappers.


Monsters Inc.


Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, ALF, Sanford & Son, Mister ED, AEW Dynamite, Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smackdown, MADTV, Def Jam Comedy, The Chappelle Show, The Proud Family, Southpark,Vice's DarkSide Of The Ring, Wife Swap, Counting Cars, Pawn Stars, Archer, Bob's Burgers, Zoey 101, The Andy Griffith Show, The Adams Family, The Munsters, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Angry Beavers, King Of The Hill, Beavis and Butt Head, Trailer Park Boys, Lizard Lick Towing, Judge Judy, Game Of Thrones, The Cleveland Show, American Pickers, Top Gear, Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, Danny Phantom, Spongebob, American Dad, Robot Chicken, Celebrity Deathmatch, MTV Cribs, 2 Girls 1 Cup, OuterBanks, The Office, Dukes Of Hazzard, Hogan Knows Best, Scooby Doo, Two and a Half Men, Family Guy, Drive ins diners and dives, Property Brothers, HGTV House Hunters, Finding BigFoot, Judge Joe Brown, Maury, Jerry Springer, The Joe Rogan Experience, InfoWars, The King Of Queens, My 600 Pound Life.


Playboy Magazine, Hustler Magazine, Game Informer Magazine, and Ink Heart.


My Grandparents.

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About me:

I'm a 24 year old kick streamer from "Chernobyl,Ohio" and I'm here cause I wanna grow my channels community so if you're ever interested in some GTA Roleplay and a bunch of random other games whether it's story games, racing games, sports, retro, point and click, open world games, hell even dating simulators I'll play anything.. EXCEPT First Person Shooters, Nothing against them just not my cup of tea BROTHER~! So feel free to come in the chat and come hangout during my streams~! I don't bite brother... Unless you pay me too then that's a whole different story DUDE~! Also Don't be afraid to message me on here anytime (18+ Only For Messages) for workout tips or just to make new friends~! Thanks Brothers Yours Truly. - HH

Who I'd like to meet:

All of You BROTHERS~! Come Be a BROTHER~!!! TODAY~!!! - HH

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Thanks for the add bro.

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Miss Kira

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🍄 Thanks for the add 🌳 Love your page 🍂 dropping,🪺 love 💕 all 🌼 over🌲 your🐝 profile 🐦and🪶have🐞 an🌷 amazing day 🌀

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The Atlanta Monsters

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Fangs for the add! 🦇🦇🦇🦇

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thx 4 the add dewd! :D

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Hey No Problem BROTHER~!! You should come checkout my livestreams some time~! - HH

by HulkHogansMustache ✪; ; Report

jesse toilet man

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AYO, thanks for the add BIATCH! :)

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by HulkHogansMustache ✪; ; Report


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you are one of the funniest people alive. thank you. kick on brother

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Thank you brother~! Would love to have you apart of my streams community <3 And You're always welcome to hmu in the DMs on here, MEAN GENE~!! - HH

by HulkHogansMustache ✪; ; Report


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heya, ty for the add lmao this is too funny

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If you think this is too funny, then you need to checkout my streaming page BROTHER~!! - HH

I play all kinds of video games on there~!

by HulkHogansMustache ✪; ; Report

lmfao too good of a marketing idea, now I gotta check it out

by unicornusx.X; ; Report


by HulkHogansMustache ✪; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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Hell yeah BROTHER~! Check my kick page out - HH

by HulkHogansMustache ✪; ; Report


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ty 4 the add!!!! :3333

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Welcome to the Mustache Lounge BROTHER~! - HH

by HulkHogansMustache ✪; ; Report

Kleep~ uwu

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Holy shit I thought ur page was a mfin virus for at least 3 seconds

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That's so fucking funny, lmao I love it BROTHER~! - HH

by HulkHogansMustache ✪; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add!

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Good to have you here brother~! Take a look around my page if you like~! - HH

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Darth vader

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Join the darkside

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Join the nWo Brother - HH

by HulkHogansMustache ✪; ; Report