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i never wanted, to fade away, yet here i am !

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Medabots / Medarot ! a franchise that will likely never leave my headspace, for better or for worse. 

Splatoon 3 ! it's really fun and i adore the worldbuilding and lore,,,,

Pokemon ! mostly gens 5, 7, and 9, though, those are at the top of my list (favorites include hisuian typhlosion, minior, swanna, scrafty, and cinccino)

Danganronpa ! despite their,,,,,,glaring issues,,,,,, i still enjoy thinking about the characters and the way they're written for the most part minus the glaring issues part

Trigun !! my dad showed it to me when i was in middle school. now that's it finally back in the public eye i can go nuts about vash yeehaw

Parties Are For Losers !! i would die for everyone in this song series except for maybe sergei- he'd probably kill me first

Fire Emblem Awakening !! if you haven't played it. you really should, it's so good. i would die for chrom


i tend to gravitate towards video game osts, vocaloid songs, and music that really scrapes at my ears ! a lot of the time, these overlap

GHOST, R.I.P, Ferry, ponkansoup ! All vocaloid artists i really really like !!

i can't think of anything else off the top of my head whoops


Meet The Robinsons !! why is the character writing in this movie so good what the fuck

the Spiderverse movies ! enough said !

2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ! I will die on this hill

The Little Mermaid 2 ! I don't like romance stories and this movie's suuuuper nostalgic for me (and i like melody more than ariel, sue me)

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel ! another nostalgic choice, but also. how did they write an actual "gamer nerd" character that doesn't feel forced in- i- huh ??


i don't watch as much tv as i used to, but

Gravity Falls !! a classic for a reason

Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) ! this is an ironic choice. god what a trainwreck- but one that's seared into my head like a steak

Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains ! can't tell if this one's ironic or not. both ??? both. it's really funny to me but also the characters have juuust enough going for them that makes me come back every time

Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 !! this one's completely unironic. duel monsters massacred my boys :((

Spooky Month !! i'm counting this.


Howl’s Moving Castle ! i already like the movie, but the book was infinitely funnier. 

(i don't read very often sadly)


uh. idk. spiderman n shazam i spose

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About me:

heyo, i'm alibaba ! 20M medabots enthusiast and hobbyist comic artist !

enjoyer of silly, goofy, yet well written, media, the majority of the DS/3DS family of consoles, and psychological horror ! (my DS count is 20. i have a problem.)

!! please be patient with me- unfortunately i am extremely anxious and have trouble starting dialogue with other people !!

i draw a lot- it's one of my favorite things to do to spit ideas out of my brain

Who I'd like to meet:

tbh, pretty much anyone as long as they're not hostile !

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