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clyde's Interests


➪ old hollywood

➪ musicals

➪ sitcoms

➪ horror

➪ cryptozoology/paranormal

➪ oddcore/weirdcore

➪ classic & gothic lit

➪ history; 1910s-60s

video games i like

➪ fallout series

➪ bioshock series

➪ mafia trilogy

➪ night in the woods

➪ outlast series

➪ bully



➪ rock n roll/rockabilly

➪ punk rock

➪ grunge rock

➪ alt rock

*if you haven't guessed by now, i practically listen to exclusively rock music

➪ old school hip hop

➪ metal

➪ classic rock

➪ doo wop

➪ swing

specific artists/bands

➪ the clash

➪ trudy and the romance

➪ fall out boy

➪ stray cats

➪ billy joel

➪ frank sinatra

➪ lemon demon

➪ doja cat

➪ elvis presley

➪ prince

➪ michael jackson

➪ david bowie

➪ panic! at the disco

➪ my chemical romance

➪ oingo boingo

➪ magdalena bay

➪ arctic monkeys

*tbh i'm into anything that makes my brain itch.


horror horror horror !!!!!

➪ scream (1996)

➪ fantastic mr. fox (2009)

➪ rebel without a cause (1955)

➪ east of eden (1955)

➪ rocky horror picture show (1975)

➪ american psycho (2000)

➪ halloween (1978)

➪ candyman (1992)

➪ little shop of horrors (1986)

➪ carrie (1976)

➪ martin (1976)

➪ three men and a baby (1987)

➪ the outsiders (1983)

➪ the sandlot (1993)

➪ final destination (2000)

➪ grease (1978)

➪ beetlejuice (1988)

➪ heathers (1989)

➪ butcher, baker, nightmare maker (1981)

➪ ferris bueller's day off (1986)

➪ pretty in pink (1986)


➪ seinfeld

➪ twin peaks

➪ supernatural

➪ parks and rec

➪ friends

➪ buzzfeed unsolved

➪ the x-files

➪ freaks and geeks

➪ gravedale high

➪ clone high

➪ scooby doo

➪ cowboy bepop

➪ invader zim

i don't watch a lot of tv b/c it's like super hard to focus for me, but when i do i tend to obsess, lol.


➪ dc comics

➪ a streetcar named desire

➪ hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

➪ the outsiders

➪ surviving james dean

➪ villains series by v.e. schwab

➪ shades of magic series by v.e. schwab


me me me me m

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About me:

worst guy you'll ever meet.

poster boy for adhd and gay lover of james dean.
pronouns page rentry


Who I'd like to meet:

anyone :-) hmu. ims always open.

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yoo i love your taste in movies

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by clyde; ; Report


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get a load of this guy

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insert laugh track

by clyde; ; Report


zombiezz's profile picture

thanks 4 the add!! obsessed with how your interests are organized i can actually read them lol

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by clyde; ; Report


Always💗April's profile picture

THANKS for the add request! You are freakin fab!🎧

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liv <3

liv <3's profile picture

i love horror movies

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YAAASSS!!!!!!!! horror is so so so good

by clyde; ; Report

~ F 🎱

~ F 🎱's profile picture

thankx for the add! love the layout + you seem cool as shit dude

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thanks for the add!! I love the color scheme in your layout >:)

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ahhh thank you!!!! :-]

by clyde; ; Report


L33T5P34KL053R's profile picture

thankies from mcspankies for the add
i dig the layout

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still messing out with which one i wanna use tbh THEYRE ALL SO COOOL

by clyde; ; Report

oh for sure, i love all the available ones. things get really cool when you eventually make your own

by L33T5P34KL053R; ; Report