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"I need a break. Just deactivated facebook. I never even used it. "

327 years old, living in Miami.

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Mood: grossed out by my past

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Reading, writing, concocting tea into spells, witchcraft, making my own clothes, staring at art that makes me think, staring at the moon. The dark moon, making digital art. This is one of my digital art pieces, I don't think this one came out half bad. IMG-1919-2

Working my ass off, here in this picture, featuring a pole. Adorable isn't it? I am a masseuse, not a dancer, but i'm still considered a sex worker. IMG-2168

Editing and creating color schemes in photos, grunge for me is where it's at. IMG-2164-Facetune-09-03-2021-19-00-08

I studied cosmetology and heres a little known fact, I hate doing hair even though i'm really fucking good at it. I'm also bomb ass shit at makeup, I went with that route for a few years and then realized I was tired of dealing with picky customers, So yeah I have that license for nothing :D 72-D20-A96-ED2-B-4084-BDD9-F8-FB4-A2-E17-C3

Fashion is my absolute thing, hands down. now mind you this is how I dress at work because I work at a nightclub and it helps me bring out my natural love for my edgy goth style, but yeah i wear fishnets and chokers regardless, even though this is a shitty example. IMG-2167

This was taken during full on quarantine, I also take my own photos. Fun fact, I would never let anyone take my pictures, I don't feel comfortable at all, so I set a timer and run towards the spot I want to take the picture in and try to stick it as best as I can. lmao 2-A924-DE0-E1-AC-4-DE0-AE24-CBAC5-A2-B37-E0 Dressing different is a huge part of who I am, I always go the extra mile to make sure that I look and feel comfortable and completely myself. If you don’t feel comfortable enough in your outfit crossing the street, don’t wear it. Be unapologetically yourself. IMG-2166

And this is one of my very first digital art pieces. Not the best but i've come so far with tricking lighting, shadowing and full on blending IMG-2165

F7-E46-D95-7-BC6-4-D03-940-C-5-D2166-A2858-D A457-B1-A9-3814-47-D5-953-B-F499-FC2-A1-ABE
binary to text
Here’s my fiancΓ©, my bone daddy πŸ–€πŸ₯ΊπŸ–€πŸ₯Ί 🦴 03-B77702-1958-4-E08-B6-A1-D7-E35909-F19-C 6-BEE6-B4-F-EDBB-4527-82-F7-9-E9-D8-DB2-A6-E4 Til death ⚰️ πŸ₯€βš°οΈ


The love of my life, my vampire puppy forever, Binx. Because this page wouldn’t be complete without him. πŸ₯ΊπŸ¦΄πŸ₯ΊπŸ¦΄ 6-CD9408-D-CBF6-45-FE-A432-FC8-EEF971-E83 One of my nights at work bored out of my mind 92-AF39-E1-B83-E-4041-8-FA9-40-A475-B8-AEB5 Blink-182 Oaisis Star set ' ' Motionless in White Underoath The Story so Far Deftones The Plot in You Wage War System Of A Down Bad Omens Volumes Architects Kingdom Of Giants Bring Me the Horizon Asking Alexandria Zeromancer Dangerkids The Used MGK Dance Gavin Dance Slipknot The Smashing Pumpkins t.A.T.u. The Killers Panic! At the Disco Turnover Hawthorne Heights MUTEMATH Sum 41 Simple Plan LINKIN PARK Avril Lavigne Three Days Grace Stone Temple Pilots Evanescence Yellowcard Paramore The Smiths The Stokes Fleet wood Mac Third Eye Blind My Chemical Romance All Time Low Yellowcard MGMT The Fray Good Charlotte Sublime Nirvana Metalica Black Sabbath Secondhand Serenade Bowling for Soup 10 Years The All-American Rejects


73809883-C0-F3-413-E-A893-AEC9-CEE3-C310 2-F615-C55-14-CD-45-E8-8454-90-C8-C6-A24702 88-D06-A9-D-E3-A9-492-F-A190-BC259-E1-D2-ADB crybaby Moreeeee... The CRAFT Queen of the Damned The Perks of being a Wallflower Gia Coraline The Fith Element Tomb Raider Ghost in a Shell The Crow CryBaby Donnie Darko Vanilla Sky Harry Potter series The Orphan Before I Wake The Taking of Deborah Logan The Lovely Bones The Rocky Horror Picture Show Nightmare Before Christmas Corpse Bride Frankenweenie Spirited Away Howls Moving Castle Edward Scissor Hands I'll add more later


E77-A4-D18-A23-A-4-EDF-93-D7-DBDB9-DC0878-D 73-B9-E035-AE3-D-4992-B9-DA-13649204456-E 9242-C0-ED-8207-450-B-A3-AB-71029-C279-AC3 EF595945-CC46-4278-9914-DBFD4327-EF35 441657-F7-23-DF-4811-92-FD-DDE4-C805-C998 ANIME - Bleach Alice in Borderland Star vs. the Forces of Evil The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and 90's Sabrina (duh) Hello Kitty and Friends (so adorable) Game of Thrones Sailor Moon Rick and Morty Il put more when i think of them.. theres too many


6-C134280-16-DC-498-C-BA4-F-495722-F16035 8938-EFFE-49-BB-4-C9-D-B4-C6-FD9-A1-AF3-B988 B7926584-825-A-492-C-B1-C3-FED9-F7571191 ED78-EA26-C715-40-E7-B7-AB-8-FC03193-B7-A3 Witch - Lisa Lister The Mysteries of the Dark Moon - Demetra George Woman Most Wild - Danielle Dulsky


Hekate πŸ’• My Momma My Fiance Binx (my pup) Paula (best Friend)

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About me:

Somewhere between 17 and 327, my page may seem colorful and bright but that is not always the case in my ever expanding little world of a mind. I love to be alone, sometimes I really need my time to breathe. I love that I don't have to explain that to some people, they just get it. I am in a constant battle with myself. I pick up on the more downcast emotions considering I am very empathetic. I live in Miami, a place that is constantly changing and people are constantly shifting their energies to match something that they are not, it really rattles my bones, I want to get shaken up like a soda can so that I can burst out of here and feel ease. I realize that I had placed an 'About Me' tidbit on here previously that was very generic, so i'm switching it up. See, I'm 27 and still going through my own identity crisis. I don't feel my age, not necessarily meaning that i'm immature, I just resonate more with a contradictory form of age. I'm a young, old soul who's still trying to breathe my way into my own skin. Sometimes I feel my energy is so vast that most can't take it, other times I feel like I am vibrating on such a low frequency that most wouldn't fathom. I'm witchcraft in all aspects, I am morbid yet electrified with life. I know that I am not to be understood and I very much like it, so. I'm a cancer and that doesn't mean that i'm 'always' a crybaby, it means that my emotional intelligence feels like textures rather than just feelings, I am very analytical about emotions in a way that lacks reasoning to most. To others I may seem dramatic or too pensive for their taste. I am fine with that. I would love to engage with likeminded individuals, whatever that may mean to you. If in any way you understood this, I'm talking to you. Smiling Jack Skellington

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who had a demonic experience with a Furby, let’s talk about it 🧠. Okay but seriously... Johnny fucking Depp, Winona Ryder and Tim Burton. 🩸πŸ₯€πŸ–€

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Thanks for the add! πŸ–€πŸ—‘πŸ’• I love your profile so much, you're stunning & I hope you have a goodnight πŸŒ™πŸ›Έ

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Oh honey! Thank you!

You are absolutely beautiful as well.

Nice to meet you

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

Thanks, love ❀

by SADGURL; ; Report


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Hey, thank you for adding me!
Have a nice day xoxo // JN

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of course !

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

Lyrian Space Frequencies

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Thanks for the friend request!

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Of course, nice to meet you. (:

by Horrorbaby; ; Report


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Nice to meet you.

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nice to meet you babes

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

✿blush puppy

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ummmmMmmm you are so πŸ”₯ it hurts.

thank you for BLESSING my page πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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Oh darling,

Your beauty takes my breath away ! πŸ–€πŸ₯€πŸ–€

Thanks for blessing my page, as well!

by Horrorbaby; ; Report


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Thanks for the comment. I hope you have a good day.

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Back at' cha babe

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

Rhea Key 1024

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Hey thenks for the add

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YW! love new friends (:

by Horrorbaby; ; Report


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Thanks for the add gorgeous

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Back at cha beautiful ️"> πŸ–€πŸ₯€πŸ–€

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

aww, you're too sweet

by πŸ’•; ; Report


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I appreciate the request
Thank you!!!!

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love having new dope friends !

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

Jesus On Extasy / LIVE WITH KMFDM IN 2022

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Thanks so much for being our friend! πŸ–€πŸ™Œ

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Thanks for being mine ! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

by Horrorbaby; ; Report


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Hey thanks for adding me!

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Sure thing! Love your page, you’re Uber talented ️">️">

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

means alot comming from you!

by Mylow; ; Report

by Horrorbaby; ; Report


by Mylow; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! Hope you have a great weekend! 🀘

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Hi new friend ! I hope you have a great weekend as well

by Horrorbaby; ; Report


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I fucking love your profile and aesthetic. I love anything horror and anything witchy πŸ–€

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Ahhh, thank you so much beautiful! You’re the sweetest πŸ–€πŸͺ¦πŸ–€πŸͺ¦

by Horrorbaby; ; Report


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thank you for the add!!

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Of course !(:

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

hope you’re good

by jacob; ; Report

Hope you’re great! Currently trying to sleep but it’s not happening lol.

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

aw thank you and ooof that’s currently me as well! lol

by jacob; ; Report


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Thanks for the add homie:D

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by Horrorbaby; ; Report

Christian GoatCheese

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Thanks for the add

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of course! Hi friend (:

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

How are you today?

by Christian GoatCheese; ; Report

Jeff Madden

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Thanks for the request! Hail Metal!!! 'n''n'

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Hail metal !

by Horrorbaby; ; Report


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Thanks for the add. You look so good for being 329 years old. Drop your skincare, please.

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Lol, oh ya know i just use a moisturizer infused with the blood of those who have wronged me 🩸🩸

Cutest comment ever

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

You bought any new tarot deck recently? I need to add a new one to the collection.

by Loki; ; Report

Omg I actually did ! I bought two. Checkout Mysacredtarot on Etsy. Great selection

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

Oh, no, my wallet.

by Loki; ; Report

I think i got mine for like $22. I know it could be pricey ! It took me forever to find ones that resonated with me. I have a few decks as well, maybe that means you need to wait a little and get to know the ones you have a little more . They will come to you when you are ready

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

Oh, also check out Amazon, they always have great options for witches on a budget πŸ–€πŸ¦‡

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

I have over fifty at this point, but I started doing tarot around 2007, so I might have more than that at this point. I don't think I bought a single tarot or oracle deck last year, but I was gifted a few. However, I'm ready for a few new ones because I'm bored, and it looks like there's a lot of new ones that I've missed.

by Loki; ; Report

HOLY SH*T! That's a lot of tarot decks ! Thats a collection wow ! I would love to see pictures !(:

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

Sorry it took so long to get back, but this inspired me to count my decks. I have 53 tarot decks, 7 non-tradional oracle decks, 1 kipper deck. I don't have a Lenormand deck yet, so I'll need to buy one of those.

by Loki; ; Report

Nic Rattlehead

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Hail Hekate! Nice profile! How are things going in Miami? I'm planning on taking a trip down there soon. I want to visit the ancient Spanish monastery. Any recommendations for a day trip?

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Hail Hekate !

Miami, is a place of many things to do so when it comes to partying.. lol, I don't know if you wanted to see some historical sites but of course there are a few, they are pretty far apart most of miami is a huge party lol.

The Spanish Monastery is a beautiful place. I also recommend Vizcaya, not quite as old but very beautiful, its about 105 years old.

Of course Miami beach, maybe some of the museums, The Frost museum is cool.

Also, at night Wynwood is very cool for those into art ! The streets are flooded with art and there are multiple bars to visit, they just aren't open very long anymore, maybe i may be mistaken but thy probz close at 12pm. But the art shops are lovely !

I also recommend visiting Lincoln Road in miami beach, there are tons of shops but most importantly little Art walks. Let me know if you have a place in mind and i'll tell you about it (:

by Horrorbaby; ; Report

Alexander "Rev" Hillier

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Yesssssss... New Frand. Goood. Hit me up anytime!

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by Horrorbaby; ; Report