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"whaddup duude xD"

Genderfluid 20smth yrold sadly frm Chicago

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Mood: prolly gaming

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hai hai my name iz Mira !! ive been a sc3n3 b3an since 2011 xD i c0nsid3r mys3lf 2 be a "c0ttagec0re sc3n3 kid" nowadayz.! so anywayz,, im 26yrsold so plz dont dm me if ur a minor~ uhm... i also play 2 many vid3o gamez lmao oki thx 4 readin'<333 Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural


GHOST, MIW, Banshee, BrokeNCYDE, FIR, P!ATD, GC, FOB, B182, MCR, SWS, BMTH, Hollywood Undead, System of a Down, Yungatita, Fleetwood Mac, Ke$ha, Metro Station, 3OH!3, Green Day, Simple Plan, Linkin Park, Poppy, Three Days Grace, Queen, 30 Seconds to Mars, The All-American Rejects, Nirvana, Beach Bunny, Breathe Carolina, Ashnikko, Mayday Parade, The Ready Set, Rhianna, Evanescence, Eminem, 6arelyhuman, && probs more xD


Grave Encounters, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Lisa Frankenstein, The Bee Movie, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori, Kept Woman, Gone Girl, Detective Pikachu, Paranormal Activity(1, 2 , 3), Corpse Bride, Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Bratz Fashion Pixiez, Barbie, Priscilla, The Hunger Games Series, The Twilight Series, The Super Mario Bros., The FNAF Movie, & almost every lifetime movie tbhh


Bluey, Avatar the last Airbender, OHSHC, Pokemon, School Days, Another, Corpse Party, Elfen Lied, Death Note, Mysterious Girlfriend X, Say "i love you", Mirai Nikki, Naruto, Family Guy, Anne with an E, The Office, Handmaid's Tale, House of the Dragon, American Horror Story, Degrassi, Skins, Euphoria, Spongebob, Invader Zim, etc. etc.!


Dysfunctional Perspective


Bingo Heeler, Love Quinn, Kotonoha Katsura, Zuko, Gaara, & Mimikyu ;3

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hii! thanks for the add! i really love your profile (esp the stamps i mite need to take tht duck song one xD)

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thanks for adding me, cool profile

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dave's profile picture

Löded Diper saved my life!! !(>.<)!

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h0nestly sam3!1! :'DD

by mira x33; ; Report

NerdyGothGeek420 (They/Them)

NerdyGothGeek420 (They/Th...'s profile picture

Thanks for the add <3

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no problem !! <333

by mira x33; ; Report

The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls🔞

The Young Vulnerable Anim...'s profile picture

we are very arigato gozaimasu for you adding us

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thanku thanku 4 accepting friendo~

by mira x33; ; Report

NT ☆

NT ☆'s profile picture

new friends 
thank you for the request
sending positive vibes & good energy to your page. 💞👁‍🗨

Sha 💞

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eeee thnks sm !! <33

by mira x33; ; Report


Renee's profile picture

zomg ur soo pretty girlll

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awhh thnks sm :DD ur super pretty 2 ! <333

by mira x33; ; Report

Gum Skyloard

Gum Skyloard's profile picture

Aww, thanks for adding me!! Love your profile, hehe! Would love to chat! :D

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thxx for accepting!! I lov ur profile too & my dms r alwayz open! :DD

by mira x33; ; Report


sam's profile picture

thanks for the add!! your layout is cool, i really like the cursor :3

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no problemo! nd thank u sm!! bugz are one of my special interests so my cursor is my fav thing from my layout lol xD i lov the blinkies u have on ur profile!

by mira x33; ; Report


N30V3N0M's profile picture

Thanks for the add and awesome page!

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thankyou 4 accepting !! I lov ur page to0 <333

by mira x33; ; Report

Thanks! :D

by N30V3N0M; ; Report


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Thanks for being my friend Mira! I like your music.

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awh thanku 4 bein my friend to0! :DD

by mira x33; ; Report


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Your page looks so cool! I had to load out my computer to really see it though. It looks weird on mobile :P

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thanku thanku ~ nd i kno, it lo0ks so bad on mobile 3 oh wellz

by mira x33; ; Report

🔮 Danitza

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✨ Thanks for the add! May Mother Moon bring you many blessings and illuminate your path. ✨

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awh ,, thank u sm for accepting my request friendo! ~ <33

by mira x33; ; Report

♡ Mimi ♡

♡ Mimi ♡'s profile picture

OMG!! I have a Fuggler that's like a pinkish maroon squirrel!! Thank you for the add, I love your page!

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ohmigosh that soundz so cute!! i lov fugglerz lmao xD <33 n thank u for accepting, i lov ur page to0 c:

by mira x33; ; Report

malc !!

malc  !!'s profile picture

Love your page so muchh!!! Awesome music taste too + you look really cool!!!

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awh welp thank u sm !! :'33 u look rlly cool 2 :D

by mira x33; ; Report


xeviant's profile picture

ty 4 da add !! >:00 u seem rly epic !! [also nibbles is adorable :3]

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aw thank u friendo!! Nibblez says thnks too heheh x33 i love ur profile 2!

by mira x33; ; Report

Violent Faces

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Hey, nice to meet you and thank you for adding us!

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hihi nice 2 meet u ! :D

by mira x33; ; Report


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Thx 4 the add!! I love ur layout!! :D

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no pr0blem! n thanku sm, i w0rked v hard on it lmao xDD

by mira x33; ; Report


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thx for the add :)

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np! thnks 4 accepting!^^

by mira x33; ; Report


Nat's profile picture

Luv your profile sm!! Thanks for the add too !!! we should totally chat sometime x3

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awh thx sm!! & fersure we should :D p.s i luv ur profile to0!

by mira x33; ; Report