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18+ ♱ any pronouns

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Dorohedoro ♱ D. Gray Man ♱ Genshin Impact ♱ Chainsaw Man ♱ Silent Hill ♱ Resident Evil ♱ Splatoon ♱ Enstars ♱ Twst ♱ Honkai Star Rail ♱ Dragon Quest ♱ Limbus Company ♱ Pokémon ♱ Minecraft


Good Morning ♱ Mac DeMarco ♱ TV Girl ♱ The Killers ♱ Cults ♱ Marina ♱ Clairo ♱ Mother Mother ♱ Night Club ♱ I DONT KNOW HOW THEY FOUND ME ♱ Sales ♱ 1 800 PAIN ♱ Joji ♱ Stray Kids


The Thing (1982) ♱ Halloween (1978) ♱ Treasure Planet ♱ Howl’s Moving Castle ♱ Spirited Away ♱ Blade ♱ Promare ♱ The Dark Knight ♱ Hellboy (2004) & Hellboy 2 (2008) ♱ Pan’s Labyrinth ♱ A Silent Voice


Over the Garden Wall ♱ Hannibal ♱ Buffy the Vampire Slayer ♱ Invader Zim ♱ Adventure Time ♱ Scissor Seven ♱ Black Mirror ♱ Castlevania ♱ Midnight Mass ♱ Inuyasha ♱ Vincenzo


Berserk ♱ Jujutsu Kaisen ♱ Skip to Loafer ♱ The Summer Hikaru Died ♱ Dungeon Meshi ♱ Mob Psycho 100 ♱ Bleach ♱ Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint ♱ Trash of The Count’s Family ♱ Gokurakugai ♱ The S-Classes That I Raised


can I say my best friends

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hi I’m sky and I like to draw lots ♱ I joined cause my buddies r here 🫶


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𝓝𝓲𝓬𝓴𝓸𝓵𝓪𝓼's profile picture

Thanks for the add also the world ends with u is good game series

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NPPP! I love twewy lots! The style of it and the characters are very memorable!

by Sky; ; Report


fishhh's profile picture

TY FOR THE ADD!!! your layout is so eye candy this is delicious i love it

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NPP! And thank you sm!! Your layout is so cool to look at too!!!

by Sky; ; Report


Jacket's profile picture

Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a room. A rubber room! A rubber room with rats,and rats make me crazy.

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Were the rats yesum

by Sky; ; Report

yes and he made me crazy

by Jacket; ; Report


Yesum's profile picture

I miss u skye please come back soon
🧀🧀 leave me cheese 🐭🐁

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I’m going to leave some cheese in a mouse trap jus for you buddy 🧀

by Sky; ; Report

ElkCX ☘︎

ElkCX ☘︎'s profile picture

OMG DOROHEDORO FAN??? IN THE WILD??? Ur taste is excellent (we have so many in common lol) THNX FOR THE ADD!!

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OMG YEA I love dorohedoro sm!! AND NP!! ur profile is also rlly cool!!

by Sky; ; Report

Tysm!! :D

by ElkCX ☘︎; ; Report


Trixie's profile picture


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by Sky; ; Report


cloud☁︎'s profile picture

Omg another TWEWY fan looove your icon so much

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TYSMM! TWEWY is so underrated and I hope more people play the games, they have so much charm !

by Sky; ; Report


ray's profile picture

hi ur so cool

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omg thank youu

by Sky; ; Report