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“If you would love this world, that alone is my happiness..."

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history, religious studies, mysticism, writing, art, nature, doll collecting, fashion, shoujo studies, classic literature, Sound Horizon






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About me:

Hello! I'm James Margaret Rose, a 25 year old autistic lady from the United States. Some notable things about me:

❁ I'm an author and artist creating a literary romantic fantasy series called Beloved Chronicles! I've currently finished one book, String of Stardust: Volume One, and am working on a second story, Pyre of Piety. What's thus far written, as well as all my art for the series, can be found at [].

❁ I'm a relatively recently reconverted Christian; currently I'm not a part of any church, although I'd consider myself Episcopalian with Anglo-Catholic leanings. Though I am incredibly imperfect, my faith is incredibly important to me, and I only wish to grow more in it—that said, I do not mind people of other faiths, and am greatly interested in religious studies in a more detached, scientific sense.

❁ I love history, and one of my greatest passions is learning about a random array of historical subjects. Perhaps my favorite subject in particular is the history of the development of shoujo culture, with emphasis on the early development of shoujo art and literature. Recently I've been interested in the Middle Ages, particularly on medieval Christian mystics.

❁ My biggest hobby other than creative works and studying is doll collecting. I enjoy all sorts of dolls, although I'm especially fond of boudoir dolls and Bradley (pose) dolls.

❁ Not much into fandom these days (which is why I've not added them into the sidebar), but I'm still fond of fiction, and there's many things I still love. My absolute favorite is the band Sound Horizon; some of my most notable fandom-y interests are Hadestown, Vocaloid, NieR Gestalticant/Automata, Project Zomboid, The Rose of Versailles, and The Heart of Thomas. Special mention goes to the novel series [The Impavidus Cycle] and the webcomic [Vitalism], which in addition to being very good are made by some of my dear friends. ♡

Who I'd like to meet:

Open to meeting anyone who shares my interests! I'm not very good at starting conversations with others, so I may be a bit quiet, but I am open to meeting new people. :)

On another note, while I've no interests in "DNI lists" as such, there are some things that are important to know about me before friending me. For one, as you've probably gathered, I'm fairly religious and highly interested in religion more broadly, so perhaps stay away if you can't handle such discussions. For two, I am queer, and do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, or intersexism. Lastly, something that's important to me (that feels a bit strange to put above) is fatphobia and body image issues; so, if you can't handle such discussions or aren't sympathetic to such things, perhaps also stay away.

And, finally: I will not accept friend requests from minors or people without ages somewhere on their profile.

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