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"mr. transgender"

22 he/him // il // 1/2 of estrogen molotov // pfp/bg @partydogge

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the custom interests thing is not working in my code for some reason so i am just going to go ahead and use this as the Games section

coffee talk
night in the woods
kind words
sam & max save the world
speed dating for ghosts
splatoon 2 & 3
animal crossing: new horizons
later alligator
big brain academy: brain vs. brain
dungeons & dragons
super mario galaxy
cooking mama
gardening mama

pleaseplease rec me stuff especially indies !!!!!


ah yes music i love very much of it

here are some artists i like

kevin & the bikes
alex g
unamused dave
12 rods
glass beach
marble teeth
ag cook
guitar fight from fooly cooly
kate bush
brave little abacus
car seat headrest
my chemical romance
frank iero
food house
death spells
black dresses
riddle m
sour gummy
home is where
monster rally
& a bunch more!!

check out what i'm listening to on last.fm and my vinyl collection on discogs!!


american movie
breadcrumb trail
napoleon dynamite
scott pilgrim vs. the world
big hero 6
american psycho
empire records


regular show
over the garden wall
nathan for you
bob's burgers
twin peaks
death note
whitest kids u know
adding supermega here for advanced search


seventy-eight degrees of wisdom - rachel pollack
before we were trans - kit heyam
spiderland (33 1/3) - scott tennent


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About me:

hi !! i'm kailyn

on line guy being dude 100% real midwest 100% real emo

tunes :D

my musicm,

local music!!

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havent been on spacehey in a hot minute but your page still rules. the sam & max gif killing me

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YAAAAAAAY thank u it’s my fav gif ever

by exxogenesiis; ; Report


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thxx x for the add!!!! i luv luvv ur page!

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hey check this out

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jenny marion

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oohhhhhh SH1T SON u just got J1ZZED!!! you absolute buffoon. copy and past to 5 other space heyers to break the curse and totally J1ZZ them

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poop butt

by exxogenesiis; ; Report


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slur :)

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bless u

by exxogenesiis; ; Report


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LMAO I was gonna call is SUS Freak, but it sounded much more like Cis so I had to go w/ that xD

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Thank u!!! 💖

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VERY COOL person epic who watches crow cillers

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jub's profile picture

wow you like splatoon 2 too .. that's so c oole

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Sasha's profile picture

let's talk about cate's art n shit sometime! i love your background gif! one of my favs

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Bunny's profile picture

I like your profile!

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YOOOO you also like pikuniku!!! That's one of my favs! The soundtrack is so fucking good! Be scared of the beast

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thank u so much!! also IKR im shocked she follows me,,, big pogs all around

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ty for the add!! YU GOT GOOD TASTE. night in the woods & mitski & gecs & scott pilgrim & otgw hell yeah. ur gonna love undertale & stardew!

u ask for recs so i have to say! for nitw fans i always recommend this tiny free indie game on itch.io called Purrgatory, i love it so much and although it is not finished in its current state, what there is to play is very lovely. (altho i think its almost done according to the dev's twitter O:)

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⭑☽𝒓𝒆𝒏☾⭑'s profile picture

tysm!! fraxiom is an icon and i can't wait to see them grow :) have a good day also

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good evening kailyn exxogenesiis. you are swag as always and your page is no different. have a pogchamp day.

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Dana Cief

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Really awesome taste in everything
Trans of gender dumbs of asses 4 lyfe

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hey i just wanted to say it here, i have her credited in my status and with a link in a bulletin but there have still been some mixups that r getting me a tad paranoid, none of tha art currently on my profile is mine !! my pfp and the bg are by cate wurtz, i love her stuff, you can check her out on twitter and on her website!! the gif under my tunes is also her art blingee’ified by somebody on twitter (whose acc doesn’t seem to exist). i appreciate the good vibes !! but wrt to artwork, they should go where they’re due. sorry for any confusion or irresponsibility on my part!

i plan on sharing art of my own on tha blog soon, hopefully it doesnt disappoint lolol

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Word up, thanks for fillin' me in! I'll be sure to check out some more of their stuff! Also, that's crazy that it goes for so much these days!! It's funny, I actually got it for free when it came out because my friend & former bandmate Jesse put it out on his label & sent free copies to close friends. Idk if he even knows it's worth so much! I've considered selling it since I found out they blew up, but would feel kinda bad since I got it for free from a friend. But if I ever end up selling it, it'll probably only be because I really need the money and definitely would only sell for half of what it's worth or less even.

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Hello!! Thnx 4 accepting my add! I dig ur Taste in Things!! Car Seat Headrest is awesome, I have their first cassette release from 2013 "My Back Is Killing Me Baby" and they seem to have blew up & got quite popular after that. I'll admit I still need to check out more of their stuff because I'm terrible @ keeping up w bands sometimes, but I really love that album.

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