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he 16 chicago

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CDs & DVDs, writing, Sims 4, MY BOYFRIEND !!!!!!!!, my film/album documents, my friends, guitar, Minecraft, Kurtis Conner (& friends), Dan and Phil, indie sleaze, my OCs, 2000s shit, ceramics, drawing, zines, Paganism, Catholicism, Greek mythology & Helenism boyfriend♡ → ”backuptext"


Car Seat Headrest, Alex G, Placebo, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Faint, Cursive, Thursday, MCR, the Horrors, At the Drive-In, You & I, Ewy, Against Me!, Pigeon Pit, Crywank, Elliott Smith, June Henry, ash tuesday, phoenix axel, boygenius (+solo projects), BOCC, Bright Eyes, Iris Bilinsky, Lullaby FTWC, Sparky Deathcap, Los Campesinos!, Park Ave., american poetry club, Brand New (fuck Jesse Lacey), the Front Bottoms, Johnny Foreigner, Joyce Manor, Ethel Cain, Ricky Jamaraz, & much much more

i luv post-hardcore, folk punk, sparklepunk, emo, lo-fi, anti-folk, any queer ‘90s shit, and much more :3 sometimes i start listening to classical and cannot stop. ask me about my favourite records, bands, & songs !! i know a lot about ‘90s-2000s Saddle Creek bands too >_< LOVE going 2 shows & always looking for Chicago kids to go to shows with :3


Wes Anderson films, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Scream franchise, Ghibli films, The Craft, The Fall, Donnie Darko, Little Miss Sunshine, Trainspotting, Parasite, JunoJane Shoenbrun films, Saw franchise, Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek, Empire Records, Saltburn, The Royal Tenenbaums, Ferris Bueller, Eternal Sunshine, Igby Goes Down, The Future, The Goldfinch, Fight Club, any Spider-Man film, Love & Human Remains, Bones and All, The Princess Bride, Poor Things& more

i’ll watch p much anything with vampires, cute guys, or becoming inhuman. love anything indie (as long as it’s good), esp horror and shit that makes me feel horrible or nice. i love to talk about films & watch new ones too :D


Community, Skins (UK), MLP:FiM, TUA, Criminal Minds, Hannibal (NBC), Shadow & Bone, The Bear, IANOWT, The Flash (CW), Sense8, The OA, Parks & Rec, IASIP, UNHhhh, The MagiciansPJO, Succession, Midnight Mass& more

i hate laugh track sitcoms but ive seen The New Adventures of Old Christine  because of Hamish Linklater. i’m terrible at watching television programmes


Someone Who Isn’t Me, Six of Crows duology, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, TLFK comics, Donna Tartt books, The Bell Jar, Drop Out, PJO, Valley of the Dolls, Tranny, Chuck Palahniuk books, The Bible, Catcher in the Rye & more

i’ll read any oral history about the late 90s/early 2000s hardcore scene, esp in NJ or Chicago. i am TERRIBLE at finishing books 



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About me:

i’m like if a boy was insane. i’m rob or toby or whatever. call me what you like. i make mediocre music and put it on YouTube !!


specific ppl i do NOT fw: MSI fans (no exceptions). furry haters. most TAI fans & Decaydancers (sorry). queer discourse havers (i just don’t want to hear it). etc be kind 2 me & others !!!!!

Who I'd like to meet:

Chicago kids & other small musicians :3

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Banger music taste alert?!

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ty dude !!!!

by ☆ robin tobias ☆; ; Report

maxwell valentine

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we shud use this site more often

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maxwell valentine

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o hai boyfran<3 >_< xxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoox

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OMG haiiii boyfran ^-^

by ☆ robin tobias ☆; ; Report

★ SIL ★

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HI TY FOR THE ADD I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT !! also I never see any weatherday fans you're so cool for that :'D

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HI omg ty for sending me a friend request !! im really glad we are into some same bands !! :D
you seem so cool ! ^_^

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maxwell valentine

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hai it's me, the morbidest max.

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maxwell valentine

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Sup bro :p

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haiiii :D

by ☆ robin tobias ☆; ; Report